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correction needed to take into consideration
Posted by Dr. Nermine K Saleh on 03 Dec 2011 12:46:35 PM GMT

1-     As regard the subject of the research is useful for the readers.

2-     The writing pattern and organization of the article are vey poor for example:


-in abstract : the text has many grammatical errors. What are the three studied groups?

In the 10 th line what is meant by SEM ? the results should be written as mean ± SEM .

-in introduction: the writing style of references is not appropriate.

In the specific objectives: n 3 is not well understood.

In  the paragraph that begins with CD3 zeta protein, in the 4 th line, there is repetition of “that” and the sign = is not appropriate.

-         the title sleeping disorders breathing in pre-eclampsia should be®sleep-disordered breathing

-         PE, if this abbreviation outstands for pre-eclampsia, it should be clarified when pre-eclampsia was mentioned for the first time.

-         The relationship between  sleep-disordered breathing and pre-eclampsia is not clear.

-         What is meant by a decrease in AnG ----------the vasodilatory arm of RAS ?

-         In the paragraph of function of vascular endothelium, how the release of vascular factor results in endothelial dysfunction?

-         In the paragraph of Risk Factors of Developing Preeclampsia; correct the sentence women who had had proteinuria of 300-500mg g/24 hours .

-         What  HDP stands for?

-         The resultant interstitial swelling and fibrosis these causes are common in chronic proteinuric renal disease, this sentence is incorrect as structure.

-         In statistical analysis how Data were expressed as SEM ?


In results: the mean age among the three groups is 25.18±0.86 in Non Pregnant non hypertensive, 24.52±0.53 in pregnant non hypertensive and 24.03±0.65, the sentence is incomplete.

  The remaining results were written as SEM instead of the mean.

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