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Biofilm and Vibrio
Posted by Dr. Joseph M Antony on 06 Jan 2012 04:10:43 PM GMT

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    The manuscript by Odeyemi is an interesting article highlighting an important aspect of environmental health that is a concern to researchers and tourists to Singapore. A quick Pubmed search reveals interesting work on Vibrio and human health in Singapore but the environmental health of the famed tourist spots such as Sentosa in Singapore with regard to Vibrio infection has not been studied and hence, this study by Odeyemi is valid and interesting and more data are needed to justify further research in this area.


    The manuscript is well written and gives details necessary to make the author’s interpretation. However, as a reviewer, I would like to know more details.

    1. Firstly, the paper mentions sea water collection. Where was the water sampled? Is this an area with human access? Is there sea water efflux to this area of sampling or is it stagnant? Has the local government monitored this area for bacterial presence and is Siloso beach deemed usable for humans?
    2. As the authors mention, biofilm producing bacteria make up over 60% of the disease-causing pathogens. Does the Vibrio spp. isolated from Siloso beach constitute a pathogenic form of Vibrio?


    Since this is a preliminary study, it is not expected for the author to provide detailed characteristics of the Vibrio spp isolated in this study. However, the implications of this study are tremendous since the impact on local health and tourism economy can be substantial if this Vibrio turns out to be a pathogenic strain that can form biofilms. However, at this juncture, it might be potentially harmful to tourism if this manuscript is attempting at best to create fear of potential harm to people using Siloso beach. In my opinion, a preliminary study such as this is not warranted for publication due to potential harmful implications of an incomplete study. 

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    Mathew JA (Microbiology, 2001) Bhaskar et al., (Food Micro 1998) Bhaskar et al., (Aquaculture 1995)
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    Microbiology (Bacteriology and Virology

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