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    1. In the abstarct, the word ''possible classification" should be replaced by "subtype"

    2. Case report(s)- should be singular

    3. Was screening for congenital infections done? This should be mentioned since CMV infection is associated with microcephaly with cerebral migration abnormalities

    4. Vermian hypoplasia and degree of hypoplasia (above or below the level of 4th ventricle) needs to be mentioned

    5. Cerebellar hypoplasia also needs to be shown in an illustrtaion. Description of cerebellar folia and hemispheres- whether normal foliation or dysplastic needs to be clarified.

    1. The statement- "It is a form of cephalic disorder"- is redundant and should be deleted

    2. Statement- "Children with lissencephaly die within several months of birth" (Reference no 5 from Wikipedia search)- is wrong data. Please review and revise from peer reviewed journal. Prognosis differs according to various factors- whether MDS or isolated lissencephaly. Significant proportion of patients with isolated lissencephaly live till 10 years of age.

    3. Barth syndrome- Mendelian inherience in Man Data (MIM ID # 302060) documents barth syndrome as a disorder with cardioskeletal myopathy with neutropenia with abnormal mitochondria. this syndrome does not inlcude lissencephaly or Dandy walker spectrum. reference quoted is not from peer-reviewed journal. May exclude


    1. Needs to be arranged in standard format - authors surname first anme initial. journal article title. Journal name. Year;Issue:page nos.


    1. Legend of illustration 3 & 4- It is not agenesis of vermis- it is hypoplasia of cerebellar vermis above the level of 4th ventricle.

    2. Illustration 5- It is a repetition of illustartions 1 & 2 which also show figure of 8 appearence. It is suggested that this image be removed and in place add an axial image at the cerebellar level

    NOTE: Review process was assisted by valuable and critical comments on the images and text matter by Dr Anindita Sinha, Assistant Professor in charge of MRI, Dept. of Radiodiagnosis, NEIGRIHMS, Shillong-18 email:

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    general pediatrics, Pediatric intensive care, Infectious disease, rheumatology


    Dr Anindita Sinha's expertise- Magnetic resonance imaging, MR spectroscopy, Interventional radiology

  • How to cite:  Dass R .ectreme microcephaly, diffuse agyria, agenesis of corpus callosum, cerebellar hypoplasia with Dandy-walker malformation: Is this a severe form (? Barth syndrome) or a newvariant of microlissencephaly[Review of the article 'Extreme Microcephaly, Diffuse Agyria, Agenesis of Corpus Callosum, Cerebellar Hypoplasia with Dandy-Walker Malformation: Is This A Severe Form (Barth Syndrome) or A New Variant of Microlissencephaly ' by Sural A].WebmedCentral 2010;1(11):WMCRW00153
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