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    The author has given fair consideration to both the strengths and weaknesses of the study design. He has subjected the data to rigorous statistical analysis within the bounds of the design. Ecological studies can be difficult to interpret, since there are factors that cannot be accounted for. The author chose to remain with the most highly represented wthnic group within the counties under consideration. Although this may result in undercounting of some cases and overcounting of others, it provides a stable cohort of the cases that were counted.

    The problem that arises with ecological studies is what to do with the results. The greatest benefit may be to health planners in the region and to epidemiologists who may wish to do further analysis and study. Dr Hart has certainly illuminated a potential set of problems for that region. He has laid the groundwork for those who follow.

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    MPH in Epidemiology and twenty years of experience in both epidemiology and environmental health at state and federal level. Also teach courses in both areas.

  • How to cite:  Lewis C C.Cancer mortality rates and north-to-south postion along the Mississippi River[Review of the article 'Cancer Mortality Rates And North-to-south County Position Along The Mississippi River: An Ecological Study ' by Hart J].WebmedCentral 2010;1(12):WMCRW00221
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