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Good tiltle
Posted by Dr. Jribi Imed on 11 Oct 2010 09:49:53 PM GMT

  • Other Comments: The manuscript was well written and concise. It provided an excellent review and synthesis of: - The determination of sex in turtles; - The effect of temperature in this determination; - The effect of temperature in determining sex in some turtle families; - How the sex is deciphered in some turtles; The manuscript provide also good information for owners, breeder and even veterinarians for a good breeding of turtles especially in term of incubation of turtle eggs and identification of sexual phenotype of juveniles. I have provided some minor remarks to improve flow: - Abstract: Last line: Hatching success instead of Hatchling success - Sex determination in turtles: This title is not a part of the introduction and must have the same importance as the other titles ; - Table 1: Title is missing FMF for Chelydridae is not an average pivotal temperature na? ALL : 29.33?C is it an average for all families? If yes, I think it is not logic to make an average for different families - Table 2: Title is missing The last column (Exported from the US) is not in its place and despite its importance, it does not coincide with the context of the manuscript. Finally, I thank the author for his effort in preparing this manuscript.
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    Jribi I., S. Ben Hassine, M.N. Bradai and A. Bouain . In press. Estimating hatchling sex ratios of loggerhead turtles from incubation duration and nest temperatures at Kuriat island, Tunisia. Proceedings of the Third Mediterranean Conference on Marine Turtles. Yassmine Hammamet, 20-23 october 2008
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