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Discarding the Newborn Babies in Malaysia
Posted by Dr. Ogunlesi TA on 11 Apr 2011 01:27:42 PM GMT

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    The author presented his opinion about the problem of baby abandonment in Malaysia and related this grievous act against the background of teenage pregnancy and unwanted pregnancies.

    I feel the title is catchy but babies are not objects that could be discarded. Thus, it may just be better to change the title to “The menace of Baby abandonment in Malaysia”

    The background information about the problem of increased adolescent sexuality in many parts of the world is quite relevant but the statements should have been referenced appropriately.

    The author highlighted increased communication and social opportunities of teenagers as factors exaggerating their physiologically-increased sexuality. It would have been more helpful if the author had provided appropriate data on contraceptive use, sex education and fertility awareness among Malaysian teenagers or if such data are not available, use data from countries with similar socio-cultural characteristics in order to make the article scientific.

    The article appears to focus more on the social aspect of teenage pregnancy than the medical issues of teenage birth and baby abandonment. I expected to read medical problems associated with teenage pregnancy and the morbidities in babies of teenagers and outcome of abandoned infants. These would buttress the magnitude of the problem as a medical issue. The title is about “discarding babies” and there is virtually nothing about the health of abandoned babies in the article.

    Recommendations about legalizing teenage marriage and the termination of teenage pregnancies as a solution to the menace of baby abandonment constitute both moral and medical challenges. Appropriate medico-legal citations should be used against the background of the culture and legal provisions in Malaysia.

    The conclusion of the article was actually used to introduce the discussion of predisposing factors and that is inappropriate.

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    I am a neonaatologist practicing in the developing world where we are frequently confronted with 'abandoned' babies.

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