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WebmedCentral is currently forming its "Main Advisory Board" as well as "Speciality Advisory Boards" for each subject category on our portal. We are looking for eminent scientists, who believe in our publishing model, to come forward and support us.The mission of WebmedCentral  Main and Speciality Advisory Boards would be to enhance relationship between WebmedCentral and biomedical scientists by understanding our platform, providing constructive feedback, and help develop it further. The Advisory Board Members will advise WebmedCentral management team on various scientific and policy matters concerning the portal. They will be expected to familiarise themselves with our functionalities and believe in the concept of post publication peer review and be supportive of open access.

Advisory Board Members will ensure WebmedCentral continues to be an open and transparent communication tool for biomedical scientists across the globe and keeps pace with changing needs of the science and the scientists. They will also assist with the selection of lead faculty for each of the speciality on WebmedCentral. They will also assist in the planned development of the national speciality pages.

Our advisory board members will typically be internationally renowned in their field and have made substantial contribution to science. The main board will consist of 20-25 members selected for their biomedical knowledge and experience from all over the globe. The Speciality Advisory Boards will typically have 5-10 scientists each. The appointment will be at the discretion of WebmedCentral board of directors and members will be moved from the speciality boards to the main board and vice versa at the sole discretion of WebmedCentral team. Committed passionate contributors from speciality advisory boards will become eligible for our main advisory board.

WebmedCentral will publicly acknowledge their contribution on our portal. If you agree with our central philosophy of author driven post publication peer review in an open and transparent manner, and would like to be a part of our movement, please click here to register your interest. This is your chance to revolutionize how biomedical literature is published.

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