Submited on: 30 Nov 2012 03:26:38 PM GMT
Published on: 30 Nov 2012 08:32:05 PM GMT
Inspirational constructive comments
Posted by Dr. Iresh R Bhattacharjee on 19 Dec 2012 06:35:04 PM GMT

I am grateful to Dr. Pascal F Durrenberger for unique inspirational comments on applying his visionary intellectual faculty of highest standard on the articles. I quote inter alia:
The application of astrophysics to explain conformation of a living cell is truly novel and to my knowledge have not come across or read much on the present topic.”… “Novel or just another idea that will not leave the drawing board. At this stage I do believe it is worth exploring further. We are only beginning to really understand the complexity of biological systems, how biological systems are affected by shifts in cell density or populations, how a cell is affected by shifts in RNA species or rogue proteins. This hypothesis will find its place but like all novel approaches it remains to see whether it will find enough support to mature.”…“Perhaps here is where the author may not have reached highest standards…..So all together the hypothesis could have been developed much more on the basis of published available experimental evidence and knowledge…. Yes additional exploration of the concept would be beneficial… I would like this work to develop with perhaps true translational work involving physicist, biologist, evolutionary biologist, molecular biologist, astrologist (astrophysicist) and mathematician.”
I, as author, appreciate my shortcomings due to circumstance beyond my control as being individual initiative. I promise to improve upon on funding. Definitely it needs concerted approach from cross-disciplinary sciences. I therefore apologized for my shortcomings and request for all out help from scientist like Dr. Pascal F Durrenberger and others in coming days with similar excellent constructive criticisms. I mentioned in my concluding remarks that “Present sporadic studies may not be sufficient for full length explanations of many of the biological phenomena, but complexity and multitude of mysteries in diverse biological sciences cannot be solved in a single stroke. Here one must accept that 'direction' is more important than 'distance'.

Respected Reviewer Dr. Marios Kyriazis seems confused between “self gravity” and “mutual gravity”. This is equivalent to difference between “inter-molecular” and “intra-molecular” forces. “Mutual gravity” is well known and commonly regarded as ‘gravity’. Self gravity is never put use in biology. Hence his comment deserves necessary rectification. I also adore his comment much.