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Polycystic ovarian diseases solution

08-08-2021, 12:29 am # (premalink)

I have polycystic ovarian disease and i was also tested positive for herpes virus and was told by gyn that I was not producing eggs. I wanted to have a baby so I opted to Dr Ofua Ofure herbal medicine for (P.O.D). I got pregnant the first cycle and I am very happy! I have my first child in November. and Dr Ofua Ofure also gave me a herbal medicine that cure me of the herpes simplex virus infection and today am herpes free,I would suggest this treatment to everyone. The only down fall is that it gave my cramping pain, headaches, and fatigue, but it was all worth it.
visit to know more about the great herbalist that help me and am sure he too will help you.`
Once again thanks Dr Ofua Ofure



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