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by neilnv ()
22-07-2013, 12:49 pm # (premalink)

From the previous posting on types of information, DNA has none of the essential attributes that make up either body or mind..

BODY - the dynamic balance of physique. This is the world of ACTION
MIND - the structuralism that you find in LANGUAGE & studies of ETHNOLOGY (tribal stories of predators, prey, & the 'trickster' who is a type of scavenger, like coyote or raven - Claude Levi-Strauss & others)
Taken together, these 2 provide a moral structure - This is the structuralist information indispensible to life on earth. 
Opposed to structuralism is transhumanism, which assumes tech is the cure for ills. By this logic, DNA-tech has to be good, even though a healthy physique in a healthy ecosystem contains information not present in DNA (see previous).
This information is both body & mind as noted, and so has a moral basis in modes of life....
Traditional modes of life are comprised of ACTION in the world of phenomena. Phenomena constitute weather, landscape, trees, seas (etc). For instance, traditional agriculture has to take into account phenomena such as predator/prey relationships.
That's not to say agriculture has to revert to medievalism; you can have computer-driven tractors so long as basic principles are adhered to.
This physical (phenomenological) world provides a store of information that does not exist without it. IE information that is structural - in 4D space-time - complicated, irregular, probably unpredictable.
Without that, what you have left is a type of cybernetic-tech where humans are assumed to operate as machines.
What I would say is DNA is already a type of cyber-tech because the information is the equivalent of cybernetic info.



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