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Thirdly & finally, a case-study on DNA's use to agriculture
Asian land-race crops in centres of bio-diversity, close relatives of wild-strains, are being used to build a DNA seed-bank of drought & pest resistant breeds. Ironically, bred & planted by subsistence farmers.
This is a good example of DNA-tech used to solve problems caused by modern agriculture..
1) Natural habitats contain resistant, tolerant strains (land-races)
2) With access to land-races under threat from encroachment, DNA-tech replaces the need for centres of biodiversity
3) The definition of a land-race is it's a product of 4D space-time
4) This is the environment that informs the world of ACTION & MORALS, as noted previously
5) The Millennium Seed Bank project at Kew is estimated to be worth up to $120 billion to agriculture
6) The REAL price is degradation or loss of 4D space-time environments. As this happens, the need for DNA-tech becomes correspondingly greater
7) This logic of tech versus action & morals is what informs transhumanism. This tech is worth correspondingly more (many trillions)
8) To all intents, then, DNA & transhumanism are cybernetic systems. not 4D systems



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