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Dr. Slawomir Szczepaniak


Brief Biography:

Dr. Slawomir Szczepaniak is a Doctor in Technical Sciences, specialised in Environmental Chemistry and Food Science (MSc), as well as Food Safety and Food Technology (PhD). He is currently the researcher at K.U.Leuven R&D / Scientiaterrae in group of Environmental Virology & KaHo Sint Lieven. He is experienced in food microbiology and food technology. Within his area of competence are: development of natural preservative products and processing methods with application in food, establishment of processing techniques in meat production increasing the productivity yield. His main area of interest is food safety and nutritional aspects of food, emphasizing the establishment of novel ways of food preservation, development of innovative functional food with comprehensive natural nutritional capacity without side effects on consumers, management of waste in food industry, clinical and agricultural application of bacteriophages as alternative for antibiotics and food preservative agents. His research occupation is focused on the establishment of reliable quantitative strategies for detection and restriction of important food-borne bacterial and viral pathogens in environmental sources and various types of foodstuffs, as well as the development of emergent food preservation process. He is member of Scientific Committee at Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. He has published international research papers and collaborated in books or book chapters regarding the control of bacterial spoilage of food products and development of techniques to control food borne pathogens. He actively collaborates with scientific institutes and food processing companies worldwide, contributing in research projects and expertises

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