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Mr. Pankajkumar Sancheti

Louisiana Tech University
College of Engineering and Science

Brief Biography:

I believe in the attitude of completing the given task using all possible means develops and tests a person. The knowledge and creativity of a person grows with each accomplished task. The above ideology is apparent in me while working in a lab to working in a garden. I started to learn chemistry long before my high school years. I have the instinctive ability of imagining what things would have made up. My skills were then supplemented by courses in chemistry and other sciences in my curriculum. I earned my bachelor’s degree in the Pharmaceutical Sciences, which formally introduced me to the main branches of chemistry and their applications in the pharmaceutical sciences. Study of the pharmaceutical sciences through the eyes of a chemist broadened my ability to understand and apply concepts in my research.

In the last six years of my education, I understood the importance of teamwork and self-motivation, and how to strike a perfect balance between them.


Academic positions:

My attitude toward research has developed gradually over the four years of my undergraduate program. During the freshman and sophomore year, I began to assist Mr. Ketan Basale in his research, who is now a senior researcher at the Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Pune. Considering my good performance, Dr. YV Pore, professor of pharmaceutical chemistry, let me to work under his direction during the junior and senior years. I learned the benefits of nanochemistry during my research work under him. The main projects I worked on were cyclodextrin chemistry and dispersion technology. In cyclodextrin chemistry inclusion complexes between drug and cyclodextrin derivatives were studied. In the middle of the junior year, I started working on the drug dispersion method with poloxamer F68 polymer because of its non-ionic nature and greater solubility in body fluids. In another project, a sensitive, precise and reproducible determination of Bicalutamide by UV spectroscopy was developed and validated. The results have been reported in peer reviewed journals, such as Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy, Drug Development and Technology, Die Pharmazie, and Drug Development, and Therapeutics. My perseverance and hard work in the laboratory and the class meetings were appreciated by Dr. YV Pore, who wanted to award me with a Master's degree instead of Bachelor’s, however, if possible. These projects and education further developed my interest in bottom-up nanochemistry.
The next phase of my academic career began with the admission into the Master’s program in the Molecular Science and Nanotechnology program at the Louisiana Tech University. I give credit to the continuation of my interests in nanochemistry to the excellent training and research experience I earned at the University. My laboratory work under Dr. Upali Siriwardane attracted me to the nanofabrication technologies. Current research examines methods of nanofabrication of mesoporous silica and alumina materials by the sol-gel and polymer-template method, materials characterization and testing of their applications. Excellent training under Dr. Upali made my stay at the University very much fruitful.  Analytical instruments handling and data interpretation has become a daily practice in my work. GC, NMR, FTIR, UV-VIS, XRD, XRF, AFM, DTA, and TGA are accessible for me in the University. Some results of my research were reported at a conference at Louisiana Tech University. Hands on experience with layer by layer (LBL) technology, and nanolithography during a course called Nanofabrication by Self Assembly by Dr. Yuri Lvov, a pioneer in LBL technology, helped to increase my interest in nanofabrication. Exposure to material chemistry in master’s research opened new prospects of opportunities for me. Accessibility to multidisciplinary education in my masters changed my perspectives toward research.


Research interests:

I am keen on exploring block copolymers and stimuli-responsive materials. The effect they might have on cellular activities and delivery of drug. In addition to the principles that the polymer chemistry works on, I also believe in designing nanostructures. Designing contributes toward the threshold of efficiency of particular structures; influences surface area, volume and pores distribution of nanostructures. My cognitive and analytical skills try to solve problems in chemistry wherein my creative skills work on the design of nanostructures, considering the design influences numerous properties.


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

The concept on which webmedcentral is based turned out to be path breaking in few period of time. It has broad scope to reach to people learning in small institutes which is itself a advantage for both people and webmedcentral.


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