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Dr. Syed Haque

Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences

Brief Biography:

2010 Ph.D Biochemistry Hamdard University New Delhi

1998: M.Sc Biochemistry(final), Hamdard University.
1997: M.Sc Biochemistry(pre), Hamdard University.
1995: B.Sc Chem(Hons), Magadh University.
1990: I.S.c., B.I.C.E Patna.
1988: Matriculation, B.S.E.B Patna.


Academic positions:

Working as Biochemist since jan 2006 in IGIMS Patna and

Supervising MD student and Medical lab student

10 years of teaching experience including MSc Biochemistryand Biotechnology student.


Research interests:


Arginine is the precursor for mammalian nitrite /nitrate synthesis (Hibbs et al, 1987). In 1988, NO was identified as the biologically active intermediate of arginine (nitrite+nitrate) pathway in macrophages (Hibbs et al, 1988; Marletta et al, 1988) and endothelial cells (Palmers et al, 1988). Previous studies have suggested that exogenous administration of L-arginine result in increased NO production, indicating that endogenous substrate is insufficient for maximal NO production. Taking these facts in consideration, it was thought to see the effect of oral administration of NO donors and antibiotic (Ciprofloxacin) in combination that can enhance the NO production. We planned to infect the mice with S. typhimurium and then treated with NO donor (L-arginine) and antibiotic (Ciprofloxacin) and will be studied the bactericidal effect of these combination and their impact on host system.

Objectives  of my research are as follows:

1.   To assess the therapeutic value of NO donors in management of typhoid, especially in combination with low doses of other drugs.

2.   Molecular, Immunological, Biochemical, and Histological evaluation of efficacy of the NO donors in protection against typhoid.

3.   To understand the molecular mechanism of action of NO donors in pathogenesis of Salmonella.

4.  To establish an in vitro model for the study of NO donors using hepatocyte cultures.

Techniques Known :

Molecular biology techniques :

Isolation of plasmid DNA

Isolation of genomic DNA

& digestion by Restriction Endonuclease, Isolation of RNA

on Agrasoe Gel Electrophoresis,

Cell Culture:Worked on Hepg2 cell line in different parameters

Protein Purification: Salt fractionation, Gel filtration,

Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, SDS-PAGE.

Immunilogical Techniques: Immunization of animals,

Immuniodiffusion technique: IgG isolation  from  antiserum.

Sterlization Technique: Preparation of culture media, antibiotic sensitivity test

Clinical experiment: Assay of diagnostic enzymes, blood and urine analysis.

Enzyme kinetics: Enzyme assay and enzyme purification.

Computer proficiency: Working knowledge of MS-DOS, MS WORDS.


Any other information:

Cleared National Eligibility Test in Biochemistry conducted by ICAR.

Life member of Indian Immunology Society

Award /Scolarship:
1. NET (ICAR) Qualified: 1999(Animal Biochemistry)
2. GATE Qualified: Secured 90.59 percentile

1. Long teaching experiences
M.Sc biotechnology &biochemistry students in IPH&H New Delhi(2003-2005)
Institute of Paramedical Technology New Delhi to DMLT Students(Aug1998 to 2003)
Currently teaching in Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences Patna-14    to DMLT students
Presently working as a Biochemist since jan-2006 to till date in Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences Patna-14

Full Length manuscript:
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S.K.Jain,T.Hamid,M.W.Nasser,Sharma,S.Haque,P.Gautam, N.Hamid?Identification of a protein in the outer membranes of Salmonella typhimurium that confer protection against experimental Salmonellosis.XIX International Congress of Biochemistry and molecular Biology,July 20-24 20003 (Abstract)




Text book of Biochemistry


Vol-2 (ISBN-978-93-83290-19-2)

Vol-3 (ISBN-978-93-83290-83-3)

1. Participated in 73rd  Annual Meeting Society of Biological Chemist (India)21-24 Nov 2005 at G.B.Pant University of Agricultural and Technology, Pantnagar.
2. Indo-UK Seminar: Biomarkers of Ecotoxicity, Cancer, monitoring and Prevention held on August 29, 2004 at Dept of Medical Elmentology and toxicology Hamdard University New Delhi.
3. International conferences on Unani medicines held on 8-11 Feb at Vigyan bhavan, New Delhi.
4. Participated in workshop  on ?Bioinformatics tools in genomics and proteomics? at Dept of Biotechnology at Institute of Life Sciences, Bhuvaneshwar.
5. Presented a paper on 3rd bihar vigyan congrees held on 2-4 April,2010 in Patna.
6. Presented a paper on east zone ACBI held on 27and 28th Nov 2010 in Jamshedpur
7. Participated in the national training organized by ICAR on ?Molecular Diagnostics and fingerprinting of Salmonella and pathogenic Vibrios associated with seafood and aquatic environments? 14th-27th Feb 2011 in CIFT Cochin.
Participated in workshop  on Introduction of bioinformatics? organized by ICMR in Dept of biophysics AIIMS, 27th -30th April 2011.


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