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Dr. Amit Nandan Dhar Dwivedi

Assistant Professor
Institute of Medical Sciences
Department od Radiodiagnosis and Imaging

Brief Biography:

Interested in Institutional Practice. More than five years of Post graduate teaching experience. 35 publications including 12 Research articles. Author of International Book.


Academic positions:


1. 1995: High School; I.C.S.E. Board
2. 1997: Intermediate; I.S.C. Board
3. 2002: M.B.B.S; I.M.S B.H.U.,Varanasi
4. 2003: Internship; I.M.S B.H.U.,Varanasi
5. 2007: M.D.(Radiodiagnosis); I.M.S B.H.U.,Varanasi

Positions and Employment:

1. 26/11/2007-22/03/2011: Assistant Professor in Department of Radiodiagnosis & Imaging, Subharti Medical College, Swami Vivekanand Subharti University. Meerut
2. 11/07/2007-31/10/2007: Served as Service Senior Resident in Department of Radiodiagnosis
& Imaging, Sir Sunderlal Hospital, IMS, BHU.

Teaching Experience:

1. As service senior resident in SSL BHU (4 months).
2. As faculty in capacity of Asst Prof moderated seminars, journal clubs, case presentation and undergraduate /postgraduate lectures.
3. Research Co Supervisor in dissertation of various departments.

Training and Achievements:

1. One month observer training in Kovai Medical Center and Hospital, Coimbatore: Dept of Vascular and Interventional radiology. Dr Mathew P Cherian and Dr Pankaj Mehta
2. Received Dr. B. N KHANNA running shield for enrolling maximum new IRIA members.  23rd -24th October 2010, 24th RICON, Kanpur.
3. Received “Padmakar Oration Award” (Annual Conference of UP Diabetes Association 2011) for Multimodality Imaging and Endovascular options in Diabetic foot Ulcer. Todays Scenario.


Research interests:

Vascular Ulcers, Diabetes, Interventional Radiology.

Co Supervised thesis in various discipline of vascular medicine, wound healing TM joint and diabetic foot ulcer. Primarily interested in International Radiology to be a part of comprehensive team of clinicians involved in multi-disciplinary management of patient care. Currently published research articles in vascular medicine diabetic foot ulcer sonosalpingography surgical oncology.


Any other information:

Life member of IRIA.ICRI.ISVIR and Corresponding member of ESR.


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