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Prof. Ram Lakhan Pandey Vimal

Professor (Research)
Vision Research Institute, Neuroscience Department
25 Rita Street

Brief Biography:

My CV is available at: https://sites.google.com/site/rlpvimal/Home/2011-Vimal-Biographical-Sketch.pdf

I am a Professor (Research) at Vision Research Institute (USA) and Dristi Anusandhana Sansthana (India). After completing B.E. (Electrical Engg.) at M.A.C.T. Bhopal and Part I of M.Tech. at I.I.T. Kanpur in India, I moved to USA to do M.S. (Computer Science) at Iowa State University, Ph.D. (Biophysics) at University of Illinois, and postdoctoral fellowship in color vision psychophysics at University of Chicago. Further researches in
visual psychophysics, neuroscience, and fMRI were at York University (Canada), New England College of Optometry (Boston), and Harvard Medical Schools (Schepens Eye Research Institute and McLean Hospital).
I am the founder of Vision Research Institute (USA) and Dristi Anusandhana Sansthana (India). These institutes are non-profit research organizations, where all kinds of researches can be done; currently we are involved in color vision, fMRI, and consciousness researches. Relevant articles are uploaded in http://sites.google.com/site/rlpvimal/Home. Please feel free to download them; your comments and suggestions are most welcome.


Academic positions:

1964-69: B.E. (Elect. Engg.), M.A.C.T. Bhopal (India)
1969-70: M.Tech. (Elect. Engg. Part I),  I. I. T. Kanpur
1971-72: M.S. (Computer Science), Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa (USA)
1974-78: M.S.(Physics): University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago (USA)
1978-83: Ph.D.(Biophysics): University of Illinois at Chicago, USA)
1983-85: Post-Doctoral-Fellowship (Psychophysics): University of Chicago, Chicago (USA)
1987-91: Post-Doctoral-Fellowship (Neuroscience): Schepens, Eye Research Institute (Harvard Medical Schools), Boston, USA).

Employment and Academic Appointments:
1. Profssional appointments related to computer applications in engineering,
2. Telecommunication, and hospital systems at various companies such as
3. Rockwell international, General Telephone & Electronics Corporation, Cook County Hospital and so on.
1985-87: Visiting Associate Professor, York University, NorthYork, Ontario,
1991-95: Associate Professor of Research, New England College of Optometry, Boston, MA (USA).
1995-97: Associate Professor (Research): Vision Research Institute, Lexington, MA (USA)
1997-2002: Professor (Research): Vision Research Institute, Lexington, MA (USA)
2002-06: Research Associate (Faculty): McLean Hospital, Belmont, MA and Harvard
Medical School, Boston, MA (USA)
2002-10: Professor (Research) and President: Vision Research Institute, Acton, MA (USA)
2010-Present: Professor (Research) and President: Vision Research Institute, Lowell & Acton, MA (USA)
2002-Present: Professor (Research) and President: Dst Anusandhana Sansthana (India)


Research interests:

My research interest includes:
(1) Neurophysiology: sleep and purposive behavior, effects of multiple stimuli on ocular orientation by cats, effects of eye position on auditory localization and neural representation of space in superior colliculus of cats.
(2) Biophysics: biophysics of blood-brain barrier and cooperativity model in psychopathology.
(3) Psychophysics: flicker photometry, appearance of steadily viewed lights, central binocular mechanism affecting chromatic adaptation, foveal cone thresholds, apparent motion, spatiotemporal characteristics of Red-Green channel including orientation and spatial frequency tuned mechanisms and discrimination.
(4) Functional magnetic resonance related research: fMRI and voxel-based morphometry for MDMA users, fMRI study on lateral visual field stimulation and extrastriate cortical activation in the contralateral hemisphere, and fMRI activation in human suprachiasmatic nucleus.
(5) Psychiatry and Attention related research: Predicting epileptic seizures with a mental simulation task: A prospective study, visual attention, attention and emotion, and attention deficits in Schizophrenia, AD, and PTSD.
(6) Bioluminescence and phosphenes: ‘retinal phosphenes and discrete dark noises in rods’, and ‘ocular delayed bioluminescence as a possible source of negative afterimages’, ‘implications on visual apperception: energy, duration, structure and synchronization’, and ‘Ancient Historical Scripture and Color Vision’.
(7) Consciousness research: I have keen interest in mind-brain problem and consciousness research.


Any other information:

I hope that (1) copyright should go to authors (2) fees should be waived. This will significantly enhance excellent publications.


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

It is an Open Access Biomedical Journal with Peer Reviews. In that way, readers can download articles free. I hope that consciousness related researched should be included.


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