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Dr. Elda Pacheco-Pantoja

Universidad Anahuac Mayab
Km 15.5 Carr Merida Progreso Merida, Yucatan

Brief Biography:

I got a BSc in Clinical Chemistry, and worked as Head of two clinical laboratories within the main hospitals in my city. I obtained my PhD in the University of Liverpool, UK, where my primary interest was on bone metabolism field, and its relationship with gut hormones. Nowadays, I work as a researcher for the Health Sciences in the Universidad Anahuac Mayab located at the Southearten Mexico.


Academic positions:

Senior Lecturer; Researcher


Research interests:

Gut hormones and its relationship to bone metabolism. Also, I am interested in diabetes and obesity


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

It's a very interesting, dynamic and original approach. There is a great necessity of this kind of ideas.