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Dr. Yonglun Luo

M.Sc. PhD-Cand.
Aarhus University
Wilhelm Meyers Allé 4, Aarhus C

Brief Biography:

  1. Fei Gao*, Yonglun Luo*, Shengting Li, Jian Li, Lin Lin, Anders Lade Nielsen, Charlotte Brandt Sørensen, Gábor Vajta, Jun Wang, Xiuqing Zhang, Yutao Du, Huanming Yang, Lars Bolund. (2011) Comparison of gene expression and genome-wide DNA methylation profiling between phenotypically normal cloned pigs and conventionally bred controls. PloS ONE 6(10): e25901 * equal contribution.
  2. Yonglun Luo, Lars Bolund and Charlotte B Sørensen. (2011) Pig gene knockout by rAAV-mediated homologous recombination: Comparison of BRCA1 gene knockout efficiency in Yucatan and Göttingen fibroblasts with slightly different target sequences. Transgenic Res [Epub ahead of print]. DOI: 10.1007/s11248-011-9563-1.
  3. Yonglun Luo, Lars Bolund and Charlotte B Sørensen. (2011) An improved PCR strategy for fast screening of specific and random integrations in rAAV-mediated gene targeted cell clones. BMC Research Notes. 4(1):246.
  4. Fei Gao, Shengting Li, Lin Lin, Jian Li, Yonglun Luo, Xiuqing Zhang, Anders Lade Nielsen, and Lars Bolund. DNA Methylation in Peripheral Blood Cells of Pigs Cloned by Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer. Cellular Reprogramming. 2011. 13(4): 307-14.
  5. Zhenping Liu, Yonglun Luo, Per Bendix Jeppesen, Søren Gregersen and Kjeld Hermansen. Amino acid induced gene expression profiling in clonal β cell line INS-1E cells. Diabetes/Metabolism Research and Reviews 2011. 27(2): 120-176.
  6. Luo Yonglun, Li Juan, Liu Ying, Lin Lin, Du Yutao, Li Shengting, Yang Huanming, Vajta Gabor, Callesen Henrik, Bolund Lars and Sørensen Charlotte Brandt. (2011) High efficiency of BRCA1 knockout using rAAV-mediated gene targeting: developing a pig model for breast cancer. Transgenic Res. 20: 975-988.
  7. Yonglun Luo, Weiping Tian, Lun Cai, Yan Wang, Jing Zhang, Huajing Teng, Jie Du, Zhong Sheng Sun. Expression Profiling Reveals A Positive Regulation by Mper2 on Circadian Rhythm of Cytotoxicity Receptors: Ly49c and Nkg2d. Chronobiology International, 26(8): 1514–1544, (2009).
  8. Xinxing Zhu, Yonglun Luo, Jing Wang, Huanming Yang. Synthetic biology progress and application. Int J Genet (article in Chinese) 31(4): 281-283, (2008).

Academic positions:

2003-2006 China Agricultural University molecular biology and biochemistry B.Sc

2006-2009 Chinese Academy of Sciences behavioral genetics M.Sc

2009-now Aarhus University  genetic engineering and cancer research Ph.D of Medicine


Research interests:

1. Genetic engineering (site specific gene modification by homologous recombination).

Currently, I mainly focus on using recombinant adeno-associated viral (rAAV) vectors for gene targeting in porcine fibroblasts. The rAAV is a rather new and facial method for gene targeting. Compared to other gene targeting methods, rAAV-based gene knockout construct has very short homology arms (~ 2kb in total) and thus minimizes the difficulties of constructing the knockout vectors. However, this does not render the gene targeting efficiency. In one study, we have achieved targeting efficiency of 35% in BRCA1 gene. Besides, I also use basic plasmid vectors, and sleeping beauty transposons for delivering transgenes into cells. 

2. Generation of transgenic pigs for models of human diseases.

One pig model I am now working on is the BRCA1 KO pig for model of breast cancer. The BRCA1 heterozygous pigs have been generated. I am also interested in making a pig model of diabetes, especially the type 2 diabetes.

3. Genetic modification in stem cells, especially in iPS cells.

Compared with fibroblasts, stem cells have more advantages, such as long-term proliferation, pluripotency, feasibility for gene targeting, and probably high efficiency for cloning. Another interest of my researches is conducing genetically designs on induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells for the purposes of generating animal models of human diseases, and gene and cell therapy.

4. Transcritome studies.

Another study that I have been focusing on is to investigate the genome-wide transcriptome normality in cloned pigs generated by handmade cloning using microarrays. Using array-based transcriptome profiling, I have conducted several collaborative studies, such as exploring the effects of chronic amino acid consumption on beta cells functions, gene expression alteration in keratinocytes by over expressing the PAH and GCH1 gene.


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

This idea is excellent. It opens a totally new platform for science to rapidly discuss and communicate their latest research results.