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Prof. Hassan Azab

Suez Canal University
Chemistry department,faculty of science,Suez Canal University,Ismailia 41522

Brief Biography:

2011:PI of GERF/STDF project #GEF10-116(submitted)
Through International cooperation in Education and Research between Egypt and Germany,German-Egypt Research Fund,the title of the project is:” Sensors for Determination of Salinity in Drinking Water and in Environmental Samples using Fluorescence and a Digital SLR Camera”in collaboration with Regensburg university,Germany.

2009:PI of GERF Project # EGY 08/004 STDF 620(May,2009-May 2011) through International Cooperation in Education and Research between Egypt and Germany – “German-Egyptian Research Fund“.The title of the project is:
”Determination of Amines in Environmental Samples using Sensor Teststrips and High Throughput Sensor Microtiter Plates”.

2007: PI of SFP 982697 project (2007-2010) .The title of the project is: Chemo and Biosensors for Quality Control and Environmental Protection in Egypt.


Academic positions:

1. Assiut University: Demonstrator, 1972.

2. Assiut University: Assistant Lecturer, 1976.

3. Assiut University: Lecturer, 1983.     

4. Assiut University: Assistant Prof. of Analytical Chemistry, 1984.    

5. Assiut University: Associate Prof.of Inorganic Chemistry ,1989.                                                        

6. Assiut University: Professor of Analytical Chemistry, 1994.                                        

7. Suez Canal University: Head Chemistry Department (1995-2001).

8. Suez Canal University: Vice Dean Faculty of Science for Students affairs (2001-2003).

9. Suez Canal University:Professor of Analytical Chemistry (2003-present).

10. Director of Center for Development of Scientific Research at Suez Canal University(2009-present).


Research interests:

1. Chemo and biosensors for environmental and biomedical applications.

2. Luminescent lanthanide compounds for biomedical sensors and diagnostics.

3. Upconverting nanoparticles for biomedical applications.

4. High throughput screenning for biomedical and environmental applications


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

It is an exellent way to connect colleagues in the field of biomedical applications which may result in international collaborative research projects in this interesting field.