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Dr. Sajeda Eidan

Assistant Professor
College of Agriculture,University of Baghdad
Department of Animal Resources, College of Agriculture, University of Baghdad

Brief Biography:

As a Assistant Professor in Animal Physiology, I am teaching reproductive physiology and artificial insemination courses – practical part , and that concern with the anatomy of animal reproductive tract , semen collection and evaluation of bulls, bucks and rams as well as method conducted to improve conception rate and fertility in farm animals. These courses include pregnancy detection of cattle through rectal palpation. I am also teaching the practical part of Advance Reproductive Physiology graduate course offered in the Department of Animal Resources. At the same time, I am teaching the theory and practical part of Animal Physiology dealing with the different blood analysis methods and body organs of sheep, goats and cattle. During the last period, I am teaching " The Advance Technologies in Animal Reproduction" including  embryo transfer, In vitro fertilization, cloning as well as early detection of pregnancy and embryo transfer using pregnancy –specific protein B (PSPB) in cattle, buffalo, sheep and goats using ELISA technique.

   My research program has focused on using of hormonal treatments to improve the reproductive performance and reducing the embryonic mortalities in  sheep and goats were obtained an excellent results in this field. The other side of the program is dealing with the improvement of semen quality of rams, bucks, and bulls especially that dealing with the hormonal treatment and nutritional supplementation for increasing sperm output in these species as well as the improvement of fertility and reproductive and productive performance of ewes and does using the hormonal treatments and some vitamins like A and C. Now I’m working in the purification and characterization of some buffalo, cattle , goats and sheep placental proteins used to early pregnancy diagnosis of these animals. Two years ago, I have worked in cooperation with Professor Garth Sasser (BioTracking, LLC) for discovered a new method for early pregnancy detection in buffalo and to developed the method of  early pregnancy, embryonic mortality and dystocia in Holstein cows using ELISA technique.


Academic positions:

   Currently, Assistant Professor Department of Animal Resources,UniversityofBaghdad  (September 2009 to present).

           Lecturer, Department of Animal Resources, Universityof Baghdad (October 2002 to September 2009).    

    -     Assistant lecturer, Department of Animal Resources,UniversityofBaghdad, (October , 1998 to March 2002).                             

-     B,Sc. Researcher , Department of Animal Resources, University ofBaghdad(July , 1993 to October, 1996).



Research interests:

  1. Early detection of pregnancy and embryonic mortality in cattle and buffalo using pregnancy-specific protein B (PSPB) and Ultrasonography.
  2. Improvement of semen quality and quantity using hormonal and nutritional methods in bulls, rams and goats.
  3. Factors influenced spermatogenesis, puberty and testicular development in Bulls, ram and bucks.

Any other information:

During the past 12 years, I worked in many private and research stations of sheep and goat as consultant for improve the reproductive and reproductive performance. My work in these stations was concentrate on the improvement of twinning and fertility rates as well as semen quality. 

On the same manner, during  the last 3 years I have extensively working in the field ofHolsteincattle's reproductive physiology , throughout the use of some placental proteins in the early pregnancy  and embryonic mortality diagnosis . Now, I have many new projects in the fields of  improving semen quality, libido and fertility of male and female local and Cyprus goats in the " Sheep and Goats Station", State Board of Agricultural Research, Ministry of Agriculture.


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

I think that Webmed Central is an excellent biomedical publishing house based on author driven post-publication peer review in an open and transparent manner. I trust this community will develop the publishing style of peer review journals.