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Dr. Bill Misner

Dr., PhD
American Holistic College of Nutrition PhD Emeritus/Retired
1140 West Glass Avenue, Spokane, Wa. 99205 USA

Brief Biography:

Bill Misner, Ph.D., 1996-2006, performed the duties as Director, Research & Product Development, for a private industry company, Hammer Nutrition, Whitefish, Montana, USA. As full-time Staff-Nutritionist, Misner assisted enduance athletes to realize maximum benefits from use of macronutrients and microntrients specific to achieve optimum performance. Misner completed his undergraduate studies at Indiana University with distinction, earning a B.S. in Physical Education (Athletic Training) and English. He was an ASMA (American Sports Medicine Association) Certified Sports Medicine Trainer 14 years in clinical physical therapy practice. He completed Masters of Science and Doctoral degrees from the American Holistic College of Nutrition, Birmingham, Alabama, USA - [WAUC & ANMAB accredited] with High Honors, indicative of a 4.0 GPA during his Ph.D. studies. Misner published articles on nutrition focused upon athletic performance issues for endurance athletes. His legacy is regarded highly from data proof finding that food alone does not provide all the substances needed for optimal performance (2006). Furthermore he participated in research that determined specific micronutrient substance-extracts could reduce arthritic inflammation (2002). In 2007, after he retired from private industrial research, he discovered a novel topical substance with remarkable antibacterial effects. Misner has contributed dozens of popular articles on health, fitness, and nutrition to magazines as The Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, Runner's World, Mountain Bike Action, International Sportscience Association, World African Network, and Myodynamics.

In 2011, Misner won 3-USA National Champion Gold Medals age [70-74] in the 15K Trail Run, Half Marathon Trail Run, and the 50K Trail Run. He is the only American athlete to win 3-USA National Trail Runs in a single year. In 2012, Misner won the USA National Trail Marathon Championship Gold in the 70-74 age bracket becoming the first runner in history to win 4-National Masters Age-Group Championships from 15K-t0-50K!

Contact: drbill@omnicast.net


Academic positions:

Invited Faculty Alternate
Eastern Washington University

Faculty Alternate - New York Chiropractic College Masters A.C.N. Nutrition Program 2006

Invited Lecturer - Alternative Medicine [Nutrition] Dietician Graduating Class University of Idaho 2009


Research interests:

Alternative Medicine Nutrition

Nutrition: Whole Plant Food Effects on Health & Athletic Performance

Exogenous Anti-Inflammatory Substances

Exogenous Anti-Bacterial Substances


Any other information:


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Original Research

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