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Prof. Yves Renaudineau

Laboratory of Immunology
Brest University Medical School
CHU Morvan BP824, Brest

Brief Biography:

1. Garaud S, Morva A, Lemoine S, Hillion S, Bordron A, Pers JO, Berthou C, Mageed RA, Renaudineau Y, Youinou P. CD5 promotes IL-10 production in chronic lymphocytic leukemia through STAT3 and NFAT2 activation. J Immunol. 2011;186:4835-44.
2. Garaud S, Le Dantec C, Jousse-Joulin S, Hanrotel-Saliou C, Saraux A, Mageed RA, Youinou P, Renaudineau Y. IL-6 modulates CD5 expression in B cells from patients with lupus by regulating DNA methylation. J Immunol, 2009;182:5623-5632.
3. Lu Q, Renaudineau Y, Cha S, Ilei G, Brooks WH, Selmi C, Tzioufas A, Pers JO, Bombardieri S, Gershwin ME, Gay S, Youinou P. Epigenetics in autoimmune disorders: Highlights of the 10th Sjögren's Syndrome Symposium. Autoimmun Rev. 2010; 9:627-30.
4. Brooks WH, Le Dantec C, Pers JO, Youinou P, Renaudineau Y. Epigenetics and Autoimmunity. J Autoimmun, 2010; 34, 207-19.
5. Youinou P, Taher TE, Rizgar AM, Renaudineau Y. B-lymphocyte cytokines and rheumatic autoimmune disease. Arthritis Rheum, 2009;60:1873-1880.
6. Garaud S, Le Dantec C, Lydyard PM, Youinou P, Renaudineau Y. Selection of exons 1 for CD5 and expression of the CD5 protein product in B lymphocytes. J Immunol, 2008;181:2010-2018.
7. Renaudineau Y, Hillion S, Mageed RA, Saraux A, Youinou P. An alternative exon 1 of human CD5 gene regulates CD5 expression. Blood, 2005;106:2781-2789.
8. Renaudineau Y, Vallet S, Le Dantec C, Hillion S, Saraux A, Youinou P. Characterization of the CD5 human endogenous retrovirus-E in lymphocytes. Genes Immun, 2005;6:663-671.
9. Renaudineau Y, Pers JO, Nédellec S, Berthou C, Lydyard PM, Youinou P. The CD5-induced apoptosis message is transduced from the lipid rafts through CD79 in some B chronic lymphocytic leukemias. Leukemia, 2005;19:223-229.
10. Renaudineau Y, Nédellec S, Bordron A, Berthou C, Porakishvili N, Lydyard PM, Pers JO, Youinou P. B cell response to surface IgM cross-linking identifies different prognostic groups of B-chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients. J Immunol, 2005;15:3749-3756.
11. Alonso R, Buors C, Le Dantec C, Hillion S, Pers JO, Saraux A, montero E, Marianowski, Loisel S, Devauchelle V, Youinou P, Renaudineau Y. Aberrant expression of CD6 on B-cell subsets from patients with Sjögren's syndrome. J Autoimmun, 2010;35:336-41.
12. Séïté JF, Cornec D, Renaudineau Y, Youinou P, Mageed RA, Hillion S. IVIg modulates BCR-signaling through CD22 and promotes apoptosis in mature human B lymphocytes. Blood. 2010;116:1698-704.
13. Tobón GJ, Renaudineau Y, Hillion S, Cornec D, Devauchelle V, Youinou P, Pers JO. The FMS-like tyrosine kinase3-ligand, a mediator for B cell survival is also a marker for lymphoma in primary Sjögren's syndrome. Arthritis Rheum. 2010;62:3447-56.


Academic positions:

Professor of Immunology


Research interests:

Immunology, Epigenetics, B cells, CD5, autoreactivity


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