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Prof. Cinzia Barletta

Emergency Physician
S.Eugenio Hospital
Umanesimo Square,10

Brief Biography:

Cinzia Barletta, MD,PhD,FIMEUC,EuSEM

54 yrs old, interested with Emergency Medicine since 1991, to devolope in Italy and Europe the Specialty and the role of the Emergency Physician.

Particularly interested in the field of Education, Management and Safety in Emergency Medicine. 

President of Italian Federation of Emergency Medicine and Disaster She wrote 145 scientific articles, 73 of which in the field of EM. She was Co-Editor of EM Book by Elsevier Co 2011 and Co Author of Clinical Risk Management Book by McGrowHill 2011

She was Manager of Italian Congress of Emergency Medicine Society in 2003 and 2008 and of Italian Congress of Emergency Medicine and Disaster Federation in 2011. She was Charman and Speakers in National and International Congress of Emergency Medicine and Disaster

Principal Investigator in Clinical Multicenter International Trials such as ROCKET-AF and ASSENT3

In the Free Time she is an Endurance Runner, Gold Medal in the 3000 mt at the National Athletic Champioship Indoor in 2011 and  Bronze Medal in the 5000mt at the National Athletic Championship Outdoor in 2011


Academic positions:

Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Rome in Nurse Degree, and MD Master 




Research interests:

Disaster medicine

Clinical risk Management and Safety Care in Emergency

Management and Administration in Emergency


Any other information:

President of Italian Federation of Emergency Medicine and Disaster (FIMEUC)

Executive of Italian Society of Emergency Medicine (SIMEU)

Member of EuSEM and EFEM

Member of Research EuSEM Committee

Member of Disaster Medicine EuSEM Committee


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

WebmedCentral is an interesting Electronic Journal and platform for the rapid diffusion  of the knowledge and of the results of scientific research in the scientific community. In my opinion is challenge for the Expert and an opportunity for the researcher.


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