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Prof. Kichka Velkova

Medical Imaging, Medical University-Plovdiv, Bulgaria
15A Vassil Aprilov blvd

Brief Biography:

• Born – 1946 ;
• 1970 - Secondary School and Medical University
• 1975 - Assistant Professor at the Medical Imaging Departmemt
• 1982 - Successfully passed PhD;
• 1990 - Associate Professor
• 1993 - Successfully passed a DSc ;
• 1995 - Professor
• 1991 and present - Member of the Academic Council of the MU - Plovdiv
• 1995 and present - Head of Medical Imaging Department
• Chief of the lectural courses of medical and dentist students, radiology technicians and internships: radiological, internal medicine and neurology
• Member of the Scientific Council of the Medical University - Plovdiv.
• Chairman of the Educational Council of image diagnostics in Bulgaria
• 1994 and present - member of the Academic Council - MU-Plovdiv
• 1999 - member and at present, a Chairman of the Specialized Scientific Council on Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy, Radiobiology and Radiation hygiene.
• Member of the editorial board of the Folia Medica and the Radiology and Roentgenology magazines.
• Active member of the European Association of Urogenital Diagnostics.
• Member (of 3 congresses) of the scientific jury of the European Congress of Radiology
• Member of the committee of the BSR and representative of Bulgaria.
• Representative of Bulgaria, member of the European professional radiology committee /POC/ since (2002) .
• Organiser and a president of one of the congresses of the ( BSR )Balkan Society of Radiology as well as of three national congresses.
• Team leader of a Bulgarian - German project on synchronization of the Bulgarian legislation within the European legislation in the area of the radiological safety.
• Scientific work and research: - 245 scientific works - articles, congresses and simposia in Bulgaria and abroad - 7 textbooks - Medical and Dentist University; 8 monographs and 8 innovations - Scientific adviser and a leader of organised courses and individual studies - An active reviewing work - In the last 5 years, a scientific adviser and a leader of 10 Ph D and 18 specializations (5 foreign), in imaging diagnostics


Academic positions:

Head of Medical Imaging Department Medical University - Plovdiv Bulgaria


Research interests:

Medical Imaging, Radiology, Angiography, DDR, CT, MRI, US, Quality Assurance, Patient Safety


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

I fully support the idea behind Webmed Central. Disseminating scientific knowledge and reaching a wider audience will contribute toward achieving higher level in education, training and science.