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Paper has moderate scientific mean but requires some critic and comments. Authors showed significant decrease in SOD levels in PIH compared to normal pregnant and normal controls. In addition there was a significant increase in MAP in PIH group compared to the other groups.On the other hand, they failed to detect statistically significant change in GPx levels among the groups. On the basis of these results authors made a conclusion that in PIH there is an altered antioxidant status, which may be an indirect proof an altered antioxidant status in PIH, which may be an indirect proof for the existence of oxidative stress in PIH. On my opinion, change activity  only one parameter,  SOD, is not proof an altered antioxidant status in PIH, because SOD may change their activity under press of  various factors (for instance during Zn-deficiency). To do this conclusion authors need a  direct evidence. They  must detect In blood other parameters concerning with oxidative stress, such as the level of ROS, TBA-positive colored  substances, malon dialdehyde, UV-absorbance of conjugated compounds, NADPH concentration  and etc. The level these substance have to show wthether oxidative stress exists in PIH compared to the control patiences.

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