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Posted by Dr. Joseph M Antony on 25 Oct 2011 08:04:42 PM GMT

While I appreciate the authors for their thought provoking study, I must also express my concern regarding the contents. A large portion of the manuscript's results are a replication of the author's previous published manuscript in 2006 in the Journal of Immunology. Except for the fact that in the present study, the authors noted that BDNF is expressed in Tp and TpTi mice hippocampus, there is nothing new in this study. In fact, the data on phosphorylation of Irg1 which has been shown in the present study is indeed described as 'data not shown' in the J Immunol paper (2006).  As a WMC Faculty member, I would like to highlight the fact that authors must not dump WMC with another version of a published study albeit with minor modifications. Clearly, we would like to read new and unpublished findings in WMC Journals. Further, the authors must make arrangements to have the manuscript proof read for technical errors (typos) as well as make a serious attempt at correcting flaws in the English language so as to make the manuscript easier to read.

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