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Article Review
Posted by Dr. Anil P Bankar on 03 Jan 2012 06:26:57 AM GMT

Thanks Dr Thomas Herchline for review of my article objective of this artilce to study the potential of medical tourism in Maharasthra, I put this paper in research artilce I thought it should be more discriptive. I took interview of doctors , medical tourism facilitators and hospitals for comparison of cost, If we discuss medical tourism cost effectivness is most important driving factor. 


 I have presented data in tablular form , I have given soucre for illustration but in PDF version it missing for demographic data of maharasthra , I took from ministry of helath govt of maharasthra website,  and cost comparision data throgh questionaire.  I will work on Interpertation of data. Thank you very much please suggest your inputs  how I can write quality paper.


Thanks again

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