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Neurogenic Pumonary edema
Posted by Dr. Lal D Mishra on 11 Nov 2010 05:31:51 AM GMT

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    1. The abstract and the case report have been edited. The words to be delited have been crossed and the words and symbols to be added are shown in red ink. I am sending the corrected manuscript simultaneously as an email attachment.  


    2. There are too many references, in particular relating to the introduction part of the manuscript. The first 19 references may be reduced to 5-6, while the remaining (20-26) may remain unchanged.

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    about 34 years after graduating in medicine

  • How to cite:  Mishra L D.Neurogenic Pumonary edema[Review of the article 'Neurogenic Pulmonary Edema -the Lurking Peril ' by Ramachandran G].WebmedCentral 2010;1(11):WMCRW00133
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