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  • What are the main claims of the paper and how important are they?

    1. The oil massage do help in weight gain in low birth weight and very low birth weight babies.

    2. The type of oil used does not effect the outcome.


    The final effect of these massage at the end of one year is still to be evaluated as most of the centre do not advocate the massage as it may be detrimental for the preterm babies.

  • Are these claims novel? If not, please specify papers that weaken the claims to the originality of this one.

    The various studies do suggest the weight gain in preterm stable neonate but the risk of infection and allergic reactions to oil is also well established. The author have not mentioned about the same in the discussion. Also the weight loss do occur in first 7 days of life which is not mentioned in the study.

  • Are the claims properly placed in the context of the previous literature?


  • Do the results support the claims? If not, what other evidence is required?

    The results does not support the claim as there is no mention of  less weight loss with massage. Also longer follow up is required which will determine the benefits of oil massage.

  • If a protocol is provided, for example for a randomized controlled trial, are there any important deviations from it? If so, have the authors explained adequately why the deviations occurred?

    As per the protocol.

  • Is the methodology valid? Does the paper offer enough details of its methodology that its experiments or its analyses could be reproduced?


  • Would any other experiments or additional information improve the paper? How much better would the paper be if this extra work was done, and how difficult would such work be to do, or to provide?

    1. The author should mention the weight loss in the initial 7 days as it is surprising to find weight gain in first 7 days.

    2. As it is mentioned there was no side effects which was observed.

    3. Was Kangaroo mother care given to these neonates.

    4. Was these neonates on breast feeding

  • Is this paper outstanding in its discipline? (For example, would you like to see this work presented in a seminar at your hospital or university? Do you feel these results need to be incorporated in your next general lecture on the subject?) If yes, what makes it outstanding? If not, why not?

    There is nothing new in this paper as these findings are already observed in most of the studies mentioned in the literature. For example

    1.Indian J Pediatr. 2013 Jun;80(6):465-9. doi: 10.1007/s12098-012-0869-7. Epub 2012 Oct 4.
    Effect of oil massage on growth in preterm neonates less than 1800 g: a randomized control trial. Kumar J1, Upadhyay A, Dwivedi AK, Gothwal S, Jaiswal V, Aggarwal S.
    2. Indian Pediatr 2010;47: 771-776
    Massage and Touch Therapy in Neonates: The Current Evidence
    Anjali Kulkarni, *Jaya Shankar Kaushik, *Piyush Gupta, Harsh Sharma and †RK Agrawal

    From the Division of Neonatology Department of Pediatrics, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi; *Department of Pediatrics, University College of Medical Sciences, New Delhi; and †RK Hospital, Udaipur, Rajasthan; India

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    Having worked in busy NICU of tertiary care hospital and have many publications to my credit.

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