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Critical appraisal of a case report
Posted by Dr. William Kent on 21 Jun 2011 02:49:12 PM GMT

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10 Are the references adequate and are they all necessary? No
11 Are the keywords and abstract or summary informative? Yes
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    A case report representing CRD level 4 evidence of metalwork fracture in a 66 year old obese female. The case is interesting but the diction and flow of the article is rushed. The discussion requires greater depth and evidence of literature review. A discussion on the possible physical and bimechanical stresses which led to the metalwork failure would also be useful. Metalwork does not respond to loading in the same way that bone does as it has no capacity to remodel under stress. Was the failure caused by poor design (can the design be improved?), mechanical loading (was the implant positioned properly? do obses population require different implants?) or surgical error in placement.


    In summery: An interesting paper but the addition of a more in depth discussion will improve the quality of this paper.

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    Foundation trainee in orthopaedics

  • How to cite:  Kent W .Critical appraisal of a case report[Review of the article 'Metalwork Fracture Following Total Hip Arthroplasty ' by Manning S].WebmedCentral 2011;2(6):WMCRW00833
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