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WebmedCentral (WMC) recognises scientific reviewers for their selfless contribution. Traditionally reviewers’ efforts have not been openly acknowledged as reviews happen behind closed doors before the manuscript is published. We aim to encourage reviewers by acknowledging their effort openly. All our reviews are visible online in keeping with our approach to complete transparency in biomedical scientific communications. Authors then have the opportunity to respond to the criticism or submit a modified manuscript.


WebmedCentral encourages open peer-review. However, if reviewers do not wish to have their person identifiable details revealed, we will honour that request. We discourage any attempt by authors to discover the identity of these reviewers or to contact them directly. We expect reviewers to maintain the highest professional standards. If any inappropriate behaviour from reviewer/author is brought to our notice, we may remove the review/article content from the portal at our sole discretion.  Invited reviewers, do not have to register on the portal, but have to follow the link in the invitation email.


We are working to create a vibrant community of academicians and reviewers on our portal who will participate in and support the post publication debate on every published work. Our post publication peer review system uses multiple tiers of reviewers. We have now got a full team of hundreds of advisors and faculty to assist us with the process.In addition, we rely upon our scholarly reviewers, author suggested reviewers, reviewers who have registered with our Reviewers Database, and other external reviewers invited by the lead faculty in that specialty. Please engage with the post publication debate if you like this model of publishing. We aim to incentivise reviewers by publishing all reviews and making them citable, thus acknowledging the scientific contribution they make. We further encourage reviewers by making sure all the reviews they carry out are freely available in public domain for readers.Reviewers can also publish their reviews on research published in other journals. Each speciality advisor, lead faculty and faculty members can submit 3 articles at 50% discount. Further reviewers can avail 50% discount on one articlesubmission for every 2 non – anonymous reviews submitted.


In near future, WebmedCentral Lead Faculties will be in charge of post publication peer review process on the portal. At the same time, users will be able to clearly identify peer reviewed sections on our portal.