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Dr. James Bulot

DHS Division of Aging Services
2210 Laurel Lake Drive

Brief Biography:

Earned Masters and Doctoral Degrees in Gerontology with major emphasis in Public Policy, Statistics and Research Methods. Created the first accredited Long Term Care Administration Graduate Program in the United States. Tenured Professor, Department Chair and Endowed Professor at a regional Carnegie Level Master’s College and University I.

Academic positions:

Assistant Professor of Gerontology Associate Professor of Gerontology Department Chair - Gerontology, Sociology and Political Science Director, Institute of Gerontology

Research interests:

Gerontology, Alzheimer's Disease, Health Promotion, Disease Prevention, Elder Abuse

What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

If done correctly, it would allow academic articles to be available to the general public. One of the major difficulties with academic research is bridging the scholarly work with public interest.