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Prof. Venkateswarlu Kanamarlapudi

Professor of Molecular Cell Biology and Pharmacology
Swansea University

Brief Biography:

I obtained BSc (Biology & Chemistry; 1983-‘86) from Nagarjuna University, MSc (Biochemistry; 1986-’88) from the University of Hyderabad and MTech (Biotechnology; 1988-90) from IIT-Kharagpur.

After working for 3 years as a research scientist at Astra Research Centre India (now AstraZeneca India) in Bangalore on anti-microbial drugs, I was awarded a Commonwealth scholarship to pursue PhD at the University of Sheffield. My PhD training (1993-’96) with Professor Steven Kelly at the University of Sheffield (now Professor at Swansea University) was directed towards understanding azole antifungal drugs mode of action and the mechanisms of azole drug resistance.

After obtaining my PhD degree in 1996, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher for 3 years in Professor Peter Cullen’s laboratory at the University of Bristol on the involvement of lipid second messenger PIP3 in regulation of ADP-ribosylation factor (ARF) small GTPase cell signalling.

I was awarded a prestigious 5 year BBSRC David Phillips Research Fellowship (DPRF) in 1999 to continue my studies (as an independent investigator) on the involvement of PIP3 in regulation of ARF cell signalling in Department of Pharmacology at the University of Bristol. I was appointed as a lecturer in 2004 in the department of Pharmacology at the University of Bristol.

In 2007 I moved to Swansea University to take up Research Reader in Molecular Cellular Biology and Pharmacology position in College of Medicine. I was promoted to a Personal Chair in 2009. I was awarded a DSc by Swansea University in 2016.


Academic positions:

1990 - 1993 Research Scientist, AstraZeneca India, Bangalore, India.

1996 - 1999 Postdoctoral Researcher, Dept. of Biochemistry, Bristol University, UK

1999 - 2004 BBSRC David Phillips Research Fellow, Dept. of Pharmacology, Bristol University, UK

2004 - 2007 Lecturer, Department of Pharmacology, Bristol University, UK

2007 - 2009 Reader in Molecular Cell Biology and Pharmacology, College of Medicine, Swansea University, UK

2009 - present  Professor of Molecular Cell Biology and Pharmacology, College of Medicine, Swansea University, UK


Research interests:

We have been concentrating our efforts for more than 12 years in studying ADP-ribosylation factor (ARF)6 small GTPase and PI 3-kinase mediated cell signalling in health and disease. We have developed novel biochemical and fluorescence based assays to analyse in vivo ARF6 activation and phosphoinositide (PI) binding. We have also isolated ARF6 regulators and their interacting proteins to study spatial assembly of multi-protein complexes. Although it is now established that ARF6 and PI 3-kinase signalling pathways play vital roles in cellular functions, the physiological significance of these signalling pathways has not yet been explored. Therefore, we are currently concentrating our efforts in studying the individual and interplay between ARF6 small GTPase and PI signalling pathways particularly in hematopoietic cells, stem cell differentiation and cancer spreading using a wide variety of molecular, cell biological, biochemical and pharmacological approaches.


Any other information:

Professional Memberships

2004-present   Editorial Board Advisory Panel Member for Biochemical Journal.

2007-present   Biochemical Society UK ‘Cell Biology’ theme panel member

2007-present   NISCHR PhD Grants Panel Member

1993-present   Biochemical Society UK member.

2004-present   British Pharmacological Society member.

2007-present   British Cell Biological Society member

2007-2010       MRC UK College of Experts member

2011-present   Fellow of the Society of Biology (FSB) UK

2011-present   Editorial Board Member for J. Virol. & Mol. Biol.

2012-present   NISCHR Research Grants Panel Member

2012-present   ASBMB member

2012-present   WebMedCentral Cellular Biology Lead faculty member

2012-present   WebMedCentral Plus Speciality editor

2014-present   BBSRC Research Committee D core member

2014-present   Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC) UK

2015-present   Fellow of Association of Biotechnology and Pharmacy (FABAP)

2-15-present    Association of Biotechnology and Pharmacy (ABAP) Senior Scientist Award


* = corresponding author


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