Submited on: 09 Nov 2012 10:44:04 PM GMT
Published on: 11 Nov 2012 12:47:00 AM GMT

This review paper is a basic extensive review of the literature on proteinuria in pregnancy. This review paper should be suitable for reading by practitioners from various disciplines of medicine and for students. Other health care workers can also read it. There is no need to include metaanalysis in a basic review paper which is aimed at summarizing basic information for a wide range of readers. 

Dr Mohammad Othman is wrong in suggesting the need for inclusion of metanalysis.

We do not intend to make changes to our paper.

I would suggest that if Dr Mohammad Othman wants to provide further information to what we have provided then he should submit or provide a additional document in the post a comment section provided by Webmed central which would enable readers to learn from the additional information he has provided. This addendum document would augment what we have provided. If there are vital additional areas we have not covered his supporting data based upon his experience would be helpful. But if Dr Othman is unable to provide further information from which we can all learn then Dr Othman would need to retract some of his statements. We are ready to learn from his vast experience.


Anthony Kodzo-Grey Venyo