Submited on: 06 May 2013 05:52:25 PM GMT
Published on: 07 May 2013 08:38:04 AM GMT
Response to Reviewer's comments
Posted by Dr. Dipak K Sahoo on 10 May 2013 02:09:50 PM GMT

I appreciate Dr. Pankaj K. Mishra for critically evaluating the paper “Increased Germ Cell Apoptosis During Testicular Development and Maturation by Experimentally Induced Transient and Persistent Hypothyroidism” and providing thoughtful feedbacks and suggestions. I agree with Dr. Mishra that changes in gene and protein expression data related to apoptosis would be more convincing our present findings. In the future study, we will focus on different key apoptotic markers like caspase-3, poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) at different time points of experimentally induced hypothyroidism. We will also look onto the changes in genes and protein level related to apoptosis, cell death and oxidative stress pathways with the administration of PTU at different time points and we will study the mechanism of germ cell apoptosis with changes in thyroid hormone by using Ko mice.