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By Dr. Deepak Gupta , Dr. Shushovan Chakrabortty
Corresponding Author Dr. Deepak Gupta
Self, - United States of America
Submitting Author Dr. Deepak Gupta
Other Authors Dr. Shushovan Chakrabortty
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Pandemic, War, Population

Gupta D, Chakrabortty S. Double-Edged Pandemic, Just Like War, Shedding Off Population Over-A-Barrel At Both Ends. WebmedCentral PUBLIC HEALTH 2021;12(10):WMC005747

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Submitted on: 13 Oct 2021 11:01:58 AM GMT
Published on: 13 Oct 2021 11:05:23 AM GMT

My opinion

By being not born [1-3] and by being dead, pandemic like war [4-8] is leading to so much human suffering individually even though evolutionarily humanity will futuristically term it as population stabilizing strategy (PSS) because humanity does not like to listen to or learn from the evolutionarily stable strategy of nature when it is always busy telling or teaching evolutionarily stable strategy to the nature [9]. There have been so many telltale signs fictionally [10] and factually [11-17] and yet modern humans have become deafer despite becoming smarter. Does virus cause infertility? Does vaccine cause infertility? Only time causes prosperity but then causes depravity to prosper once again so as to be deprived again in due course of time. First of all, it is not the virion but the virus that is trying to survive and outlive non-viral cells and humanity should not forget that the virus is a combination of virion and host cell [18-20]. So essentially, human cell redesigned by the virion is trying to reshape humanity not only by being not born or by being dead but also by being strong because it will only be up to the existent survivors possessing virion-redesigned human cells to take the humanity forward. This is not new as some may say [21-24] that even the language capability which evolved us as humans from apes might have been the doings of some ancient virions which became part of our prehistoric genome and have remained our innate part ever since. What can be the interest of virus to die as redesigned human cell unless the redesigned human cell is releasing the virion after its death so that virion can redesign another human cell? In terms of whole human body, what can be the interest of virion-redesigned human cell containing body to die unless there are no more human cells left in the body for virion to redesign? If the body gives up much before the virion has had time to redesign each and every cell of the body, will it be in the best interest of virion to redesign the germ cells of the body so that virion-redesigned human cells can live on through conceived human progeny? Why will virion-redesigned human germ cells intentionally create difficulty to conceive unless they are still too naïve and too few in the current procreating system which is still too dependent on non-redesigned human cells? Once virion-redesigned human germ cells will become abundant and prominent enough forcing futuristic human body to learn, adapt and evolve futuristically, will the normalcy return to fertility rates for human body created by human germ cells redesigned by the virion? In the interim, our current times may see helpless humanity getting lost on both ends of the barrel with more dying and less being born due to maybe (a) shutdown related lockdown at homes affecting conception trends, (b) pandemic related existential dilemma inducing changes in conception trends, (c) planning for pregnancies getting affected during shutdown, and (d) unsafe or unrecorded deliveries due to populations choosing homes over institutions for deliveries. Summarily, pandemic just like war is awakening modern humanity to consciously evolve evolutionarily stable strategy in terms of peaceful means of population control [25-31] and resource appropriation if it futuristically wants to avoid population stabilization strategy inflicting unnecessary suffering to futuristic humanity in terms of invented wars and evolved pandemics.


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