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By Dr. Deepak Gupta , Dr. Sarwan Kumar
Corresponding Author Dr. Deepak Gupta
Self, - United States of America
Submitting Author Dr. Deepak Gupta
Other Authors Dr. Sarwan Kumar
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Gupta D, Kumar S. LEADERS CALL OUT FOR DIGITAL SANITY. WebmedCentral BEHAVIOUR 2022;13(8):WMC005790

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Submitted on: 25 Aug 2022 10:02:56 PM GMT
Published on: 31 Aug 2022 02:11:02 AM GMT

My opinion

While followers are forcing their leaders to change [1], leaders expect digital sanity from their followers. At the push of a button, we are now able to connect. We all as followers are guilty of misusing this ease in our leaders’ accessibility. We only realize our leaders' difficulties once we ourselves are bombarded with unending strings of unsolicited connections from those who are our followers within the organizational hierarchy or those from outside the organization who want to use us as their portal of entry into the organization. Most importantly, the organization should set up email IDs for leaders based on their leadership roles (e.g., rather than on their names (e.g., In case of a promotion to leadership role for the very first time within the organization, such follower's name-based email ID can be blocked thereafter with all emails thereafter getting automatically forwarded to the newly assumed leadership role-based email ID. In case of all subsequent promotions/demotions within the organization, outgoing leaders' access to role-based email IDs can be blocked by changing the passwords so as to allow incoming leaders' access to role-based email IDs. Thereafter, demoted leaders' access to their name-based email IDs can be restored after turning off their automatic forwarding feature.  


The simple reason [2] for establishing role-based email IDs can be that they may allow easier and safer access for leaders' executive/personal/virtual assistants [3-4] to sort, work and respond on behalf of their leaders. Furthermore, the leaders can always review Sent Items (and if deleted via In-Place eDiscovery [5-6]) which have been sent on their behalf via role-based email IDs by their executive/personal/virtual assistants. Although personal email IDs (e.g., may not be shared with any followers except for their executive/personal/virtual assistants, some enterprising followers' emails reaching their leaders' personal email IDs may have to be counted as breach of leaders' privacy with pre-defined consequences within the organization. Similarly, the leaders should bear pre-defined consequences within the organization for reaching out to their followers during after-hours and weekends/holidays via personal or organizational email IDs regarding non-time-critical information needing non-time-critical solution [7].      


It may be worth pondering if below-mentioned strong and clear worded template set as automatic reply to all emails received at leaders' role-based email IDs would help: Would it? 





Thank you for your email. Your email has been received by  


The following is the policy for emails received at  


  • All emails received at in a calendar day per Eastern Standard Time will be auto-deleted at the turn of midnight whether or not they are read by CEO and/or CEO's executive/personal/virtual assistant.  
  • If your email has time-critical information that needs time-critical solution, please send text message to CEO's executive/personal/virtual assistant at 111-222-3333 who can assess time-critical grading of emailed information and its solution before initiating reachable contact with CEO.  
  • If your email has time-sensitive information that needs time-sensitive solution, please email CEO's executive/personal/virtual assistant at who can assess time-sensitive grading of emailed information and its solution before initiating reachable contact with CEO.  
  • If non-time-sensitive solution to non-time-sensitive information contained in your email should not be missed by CEO, please print your email and post it via USPS to the following mailing address: CEO, DOEDOE ORGANIZATION, 123, ABCD STREET, PQRS CITY, YZ STATE, ZIP CODE-56789.  
  • If non-time-sensitive solution to non-time-sensitive information contained in your email warrants an in-person meeting with CEO, please email CEO's executive/personal/virtual assistant at so that it can be assessed whether the next available in-person appointment with CEO can be scheduled.  


Thanks a lot for understanding.  




Summarily, it may be envisaged that added extra steps decreasing approachability by followers to downsize the accessibility of leaders may allow quality interactions whenever they happen between followers and leaders thus adding genuine weightage to work-productivity and human-wellbeing. 


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