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Open access

WebmedCentral is committed to providing open access to all the research articles it publishes. Service is completely free to readers.

Online only

Our journals are published online only. There is no print version. However, a printed version can be made available for purchase at an additional cost.

Uniform Platform:

To provide consistency, all of our journals are based on the same template. The layout, online tools and much of the content are standardized across our portal. We also have standardized instructions for authors to make it simpler to apply them across a number of journals.

Authors retain copyright

Authors who publish on WebmedCentral normally retain copyright to their articles. However, for using this facility Journal must either have the copyright to the article transferred to them by the authors or have permission by authors to publish their articles on our platform. It is solely the journal's responsibility to ensure they do not violate any third party rights or copy rights. In publishing an article on WebmedCentral, you grant us an exclusive right to use the article for any purposes we deem fit. Please refer to our copyright agreement for details.


WebmedCentral reserves the right to advertise on the journal home page on WebmedCentral. Please refer to our Advertising Policy for details.


All articles will appear on our portal as well as your journal's home page on our portal. All articles will have a single citation system, which will also have your journal's name in it.

Peer Review will be carried out in an open and transparent manner. If you follow a pre publication peer review policy, reviews should be submitted with the article. Alternatively, you can invite your reviewers from our platform during article submission to come back and post their review again on our portal.