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Dr. Sergey Rumyantsev

Director of Research
Evolutionary Immunology, Andent, Inc.
72 Montgomery Street # 304

Brief Biography:

Sergey N .Rumyantsev, male, evolutionary immunologist, graduated from microbiology department, Medical Military Academy, USSR in 1955. He worked for Sverdlovsk Medical Military Center in 1955-1966 with the goal to evaluate real danger of bioveapon, and then for Leningrad (now Saint-Petersburg)Institute of Vaccines and Sera in 1966-2001. From 2001 he is working in the USA, Andent, Inc as the Head of Evolutionary Immunology and the Director of Research. His principal result publications include Hereditary Immunity: Fundamental Principles and Exploitation in Life Study and Health Care.New York: Nova Biomedical Books, 2008; Is Bioterrorism Idea a Delusion or Skillful Swindling? Puurs,B elgium: UniBook, 2010; Bioecology of pleistocenic spurt in anthropogenesis. Int J Integ Biol 2010; 10:14-21; Functions of hereditary immunity and xenogamy in cancer origin and pandemic spread. OJI 2011;1:27-40; Xenogamy and Current Obesity Pandemics. OJGen 2011;1: 1-8.


Academic positions:

MD, Medical Military Academy, USSR in 1955.

PhD, Sverdlovsk (USSR)Medical Military Center in 1962.

DSc, Hamalea Institute of Epidemiology, Moscow, USSR in 1974.

Professor, Institute of Vacines and Sera, Leningrad, USSR in 1983.

Soros Professor in 199



Research interests:

Discovery of Hereditary Immunity Fundamental Principles and Exploitation in Life Study and Health Care


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

Very progressive