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Dr. Baochuan Lin

Research Biologist
Center for Bio/Molecular Science & Engineering
4555 Overlook Avenue, S. W.

Brief Biography:

My past research interest focused on understanding the cause and potential treatments for glycogen storage disease (GSD). GSD is a set of genetic diseases caused by incapacitating mutations in various genes that maintain the homeostasis of blood glucose. This interest led me to study satellite DNA replication of Tomato leave curl virus in 2001 in Australia. In 2002, I joined the Naval Research Laboratory Biosensors and Biomaterials group and focused on identifying genes responsive to jet propulsion fuel-8 exposure in rats and upper respiratory pathogen infection in human. Currently, my research interest is to develop microarray-based detection system for differentiating common respiratory pathogens and biothreat pathogens. I also am interested at understanding the system biology view of various aspects of bacteria and environmental interaction, as well as host reponse to various pathogens.

What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral: