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Dr. Iolanda Russo-Menna

Assistant Professor

Brief Biography:

I am currently an Assistant Professor and Clinical attending in the Department of Anesthesia, and Division of Pediatric Anesthesia. With over 8 years of service at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) I have gained experience in pediatric anesthesia, adult clinical education, clinical research as well as simulation based clinical training. My interest in research initiated while serving as a post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Cardio Thoracic Surgery, Cornell University Medical Center, for 2 years. My work involved research on platelet aggregation during CABG, and brain antioxidants. While in anesthesia residency training at New York University, I conducted additional basic science and neuroscience research. I have obtained a certificate of Instructor Development Program and as clinical faculty at VCU I am actively involved in coordinating clinical research as well as adult education and Simulation based competency training, specifically on experiential learning and its applications for successful resident learning. The actual simulation projects are on: ? Integrating Small Group instruction and Simulation Based Experiential Learning into Anesthesiology Resident Curriculum ? Effective Team training for the operating room environment with a hands-on approach integrating teamwork focus on mutual performance and team orientation across disciplines ? MH: how to recognize and treat it. At VCU I have served for 8 years as Chair of Education in the Department of Anesthesiology for curriculum development and scheduling lecture series. Current efforts are applied towards modification of the anesthesia resident curriculum, with innovative teaching approaches using iStain, the standardized patient mannequin. I have also been involved in resident education internationally within the CIMS community, University of Mediterranean area (Messina, Cordoba and VCU Universities created in 2005). My efforts have resulted in a series of publications with first and second author as well as development of teaching courses for anesthesia residents and training workshops. During this past year, I have been involved in various aspects of the design, development, and implementation of simulation based clinical scenarios to improve health care practices while educating the residents, and in creation of strategic visions and active management of interdisciplinary team professionals. I am an active member of the Society for Education in Anesthesia, and SSH.

What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

The Webmedcentral is a very well known and highly used research engine in the web site in these days.