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Dr. Marco Sara'

Chief Of department of Intensive Care and Rehabilitathion
S Raffaele Cassino

Brief Biography:

Medical doctor 1992

Neurologist 1996

Master In Respiratory Critical Care 1998

I've worked in ICU and Post Coma Intensive Care Unit

From 8 year Chief of depth


Academic positions:

Free Docence in Neurology University "Tor Vergata"


Research interests:

My first interest is related in modelling consciousness recovery in severe brain injured patients with nonlinear anal of EEG surgive

Treatment of Disorders Of Consciousness with Intrathecal administration of baclofen and related Hypotheses

Revision of patophysiology of non motor syndromic features in Locked In Syndrome: the innovative way consist in identificating disorders in emotional recognition, motor imagery impairment, delusion, pathological laughing and crying, delirium

Neural network models (not yet published)

Modelling of consciousness ad epistemic related issues


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

Share science in a novel way togheter with a more transparent rew processing