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Dr. Ulf Martin Schilling

Senior R&D of the Emergency Department
University Hospital of Linkoping
Lasarettgatan 1

Brief Biography:

Being the senior researcher at the department of accidents and emergencies at the university hospital of Linköping, Sweden, I am very aware of the common problems in scientific publishing and the traditional peer-review process. During and after my PhD I have published approximately 20 peer-reviewed articles, several chapters in scientific medical books, one book, numbers of abstracts and posters in the field of emergency medicine, internal medicine, dermatology, and hyperbaric medicine. I am a member of the research council of the Swedish society of emergency medicine and a senior resident in internal medicine and emergency medicine, concluding both my residencies versus the end of this year.. Being multilingue, I do review for several medical publications in English on a regular base, but do have the possibility to review both in English, German, Spanish, Swedish and French. I am a frequent lecturer at the medical university in Linköping and do lecture on national and international meetings in the field of emergency medicine.

My fields of interest are emergency medicine, hyperbaric and diving medicine, general internal medicine, intoxications and toxicology, economy in medicine, ultrasound, education in medicine and tropical and infectious disease.


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

I fully support WebmedCentral and the philosophy behind its open-access publishing as well as its system of post-publication peer-review.