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Dr. Gerard Penecilla

Professor 6
Biological Sciences

Brief Biography:

Infectious diseases are the most pressing problems in third world countries and the need for new medicinal products are imperative. West Visayas State University has long been doing research on antimicrobial medicinal plants of the Philippines since the late 70s and have come up with a database of some 550 plant species found in Central Philippines. We have the best record and authenticated plant products against bacterial and fungal infections particularly against multi-drug resistant strains of TB. We also provide new insights to new natural products against cancer as developed from our collaboration with Virginia Tech. With the establishment of the proposed Green Technology Business Incubation Facility supported by the Department of Science and Technology we will come out with more than 200 new technological products in medicine and agriculture.

What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

Webmed Central can provide a wider coverage of my experineces in medicinal plants and antimicrobial products as well as a very excellent venue for exchange of ideas and insights.