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Dr. Rebecca Vicente

Anatomy & Embryology
Leiden University Medical Center
Postzone S-1-P, PO Box 9600, Leiden

Brief Biography:

I was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, where I studied Human Biology. In 2006 I moved to the Netherlands for my PhD. In june of 2011 I defended my thesis. The title of my thesis is: Development of the sinus venosus myocardium from the posterior second heart field; Implications for sinoatrial and atrioventricular node development.

My research is focused on heart development. My speciality within the developing heart is the cardiac conduction system, although I also collaborate in other research projects


Academic positions:

I am a PhD at the deparment of Anatomy & Embryology of the Leiden University Medical Center in Leiden, the Nethelands.

Last june I defended my thesis on the developing cardiac conduction system.

At my current position I continue doing basic research on the developing cardiac conduction system in mouse and chicken embryos. I try to combine molecular biology with electrophysiological studies, to better understand some of the processess that occur during heart development.

Additionally, I assist at microscopy teaching courses for Medicine and Biomedical students at our university and at congenital heart malformation courses for post-doctoral fellows from different medical specialities.


Research interests:

My main interest is heart development. Throughout my doctoral thesis I have focused on the developing cardiac conduction system of the heart. Additionally, I have also looked at possible functions specific genes have throughout heart development and the cardiac malformations that result from the lack of those genes.

My additional interests lie within cardiac electrophysiology. In my reasearch I try to unravel a process or mechanism important in the clinic. I have close collaborations with the deparment of cardiology, and therefore my research has always a clinical relevance. During my study of the developing conduction system I have tried to couple my findings to a function. Therefore I have conducted electrophysiological measurements (including optical mapping) to my molecular studies.

So my research interests lie with both molecular as well as electrophysiological developments that can be applied in cardiac development. 


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

I think it is a great principle to publish, review and communicate within the scientific community