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Dr. Anke Weisheit

PhD Fellow
Faculty of Development Studies Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST)
P.O. Box 1410, Mbarara

Brief Biography:

Anke Weisheit

Innovator and Visionary Scientist
Anke Weisheit is Task force Leader for the establishment of the Institute of Indigenous Knowledge (IIK) at the Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) in western Uganda. She consults the University on Programm/Project development, implementation and evaluation as wells as on strategic planning issues. Besides, Anke is an active Agriculture and Development consultant associated with both local and international Businesses and Development companies and Organizations. Furthermore, Anke is a Committee Member of Mbarara University of Science and Technology where she worked on the development of a new Masters programme called “Conflict Analysis and Inclusive Development” and setting up an Institute of Indigenous Knowledge. She is also the principal investigator for the Uganda Section of the Project on Mainstreaming Integrated Natural Resources Management in Uganda funded by the Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa (ASARECA).

Among others, she has previously worked as National Project Coordinator for the Mbarara University of Science and Technology and Lake Victoria Research Initiative (VicRes), as a Technical Advisor for the Get out of Poverty (GOP) Initiative, as a Project Coordinator for the International Center for Research in Agro Forestry (ICRAF), as Project Consultant for MAKO Herbalist Association and the National Agricultural Research Organisation of Uganda. Besides, she had short-term consultancy assignments with the Pan African Agribusiness and Agro-industry Consortium (PanAAC), the Mbarara UMSC Health Centre, the Northern Uganda Peace Initiative, the Conservation Efforts for Community Development, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency and the German Technical Cooperation GTZ) among others.

Holding a Masters Degree in Agriculture, a Bachelors Degree in Agricultural Trading, a Technical Diploma in Agro-chemistry and Plant Protection and a Diploma as an Horticulturist, Anke is currently completing her PhD at Mbarara University of Science and Technology. Furthermore she did numerous professional trainings, amongst other in Health, Environmental Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation, Gender Equality, Negotiation Skills, Competitive Grants Proposal Writing, Conflict Analysis and Intellectual Property Rights.

Anke’s key qualifications are Agroforestry, medicinal plant and tree cultivation, domestication and sustainable harvest of medicinal species, herbal medicine formulation & packing improvement, curriculum development & training, poverty reduction impact assessments, business plan development, advisory services to small enterprises and corporate identity development.

Anke is a Founding Board Member and Board Treasurer of the African Refugee Education for Development (ARED), serving as Uganda Country Coordinator of the Young Professionals' Platform  for Agricultural Research for Development (YPARD) and affiliated to different professional bodies both local and international including the Association for African Medicinal Plants Standards (AAMPS), the Center for World Indigenous Studies (CWIS), the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA), the Human Development and Capability Association, Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) and the Uganda Development Studies Association (UDESA).


Academic positions:

PhD Fellow and vision bearer for the establishing an institute of Indigenous Knowledge


Research interests:

Indigenous Knowledge, indigenous and traditional medicine, medicinal plant processing, capacity building of traditional health practitioners, medicinal plant conservation and domestication. Establishing an Institute of Indigenous Knowledge with an innovation incubation centre for indigenous and traditional medicinal and agricultural innovations.


Any other information:

Thanks for inviting me to become a member of your Advisory Board.


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

In scientific publication it is important that the authors have access to free or cost effective peer reviewed publishing services whereby the reader have open access. Its noble idea of transparency and freedom of readers to comments beside the reviewers.


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