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Dr. Mahdi Esmaeilzadeh

Faculty Member
Department of Basic Science, Shirvan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Shirvan
Shahryar St

Brief Biography:

I received a MSc degree in Developmental Biology from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad of Iran in 2009.Currently , i am  PhD candidate as Cellular and Molecular Immunology .I worked as a director of laboratory of Cellular and Molecular in Biotech Company of North Khorasan , where i helped in the Planning & Consultant of Biology Laboratory . I am currently a Faculty Member of Basic Science at Shirvan Branch ,Islamic Azad University (North Khorasan, Iran), where i have been since February 2006. My research interests are in Biotechnology, Bioinformatic, Stem cell study, , Biometric , computer vision, pattern recognition and image processing.
I have chaired many national and Regional conferences and technical sessions in these areas; I am the chair of influenza and pain congress . I am Editor-in-Chief of The International Journal of Medicine and Molecular Medicine , an associated journal of WebmedCentral.
I have published paper extensively in journals and conference proceedings . I have also contributed projects for Legal Medicine Organization of Iran


Academic positions:

Faculty member of basic science department


Research interests:

Developmental Biology, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Stem cell study , biometric ,anthropology, physiology and anatomy


Any other information:

Selected publications:

Esmaeilzadeh,M. and F. Kazemzadeh (2012). “Overview on the efforts to generate transgenic chicken." African Journal of Biotechnology , 11(36), pp. 8784-8789(ISI)
Esmaeilzadeh,M. ,Nejadali A  and F. Kazemzadeh (2012). “General steps in the production and establishment of transgenic Chicken lines carrying a bacterial lacZ gene expressing β-galactosidase." African Journal of Microbiology Research , Vol. 6(20), pp. 4344-4354 (ISI)
Esmaeilzadeh,M , Handmade cloning: an alternative technique for somatic cell nuclear transfer , Annals of Biological Research ,: Vol 3, Issue 6:3043-3048 (ISI)
Esmaeilzadeh,M , Application of Stem Cells in Disease and Gene Therapy, , Der Pharmacia Lettre , Vol 4, Issue 3:734-740 (SCOPUS)
Esmaeilzadeh,M. (2012). “Assessment of facial and cranial development and comparison of anthropometric ratios between Iranian and Canadian populations (4-11-Year-Old Boys)." Journals of Craniofacial Surgery 23(1).  DOI: 10.1097/SCS.0b013e3182468612  (ISI)
Esmaeilzadeh,M. and F. Kazemzadeh (2012). “Cancer treatment with using cyanobacteria and suitable drug delivery system." Annals of Biological Research 3(1):662-667(ISI)
Esmaeilzadeh,M. and F. Kazemzadeh (2012). “Molecular scissors: New tools in biotechnology and genome surgery." Annals of Biological Research 3(1) :638-644(ISI)
Esmaeilzadeh,M. and F. Kazemzadeh (2012). “How can a person with two X chromosomes develop into a man?" Annals of Biological Research 3(1):651-659(ISI)
Esmaeilzadeh,M. , F. Kazemzadeh and Adibpour N. (2012). “Study of cephalometric parameters among 4 to 11 years old Persian girls resident in Iran." Journal of Developmental Biology and Tissue Engineering Vol. 3 , DOI: 10.5897/JDBTE11.026 (SCOPUS)
Farhadi A. and Esmaeilzadeh,M.(2012). Effect of Topical Tetracaeine Gel %4 on Intensity of Pain Due to Intermuscular Injection of DPT Vaccine for 18  Month of Age. International Journal of Current Research.vol4(1) , In Print(DOAJ)
Farhadi A. and Esmaeilzadeh,M.(2012). Evaluation of Relationship Between the Childeren’s Gender and Pain Intensity Due to Intermuscular Injection . International Journal of Current Research.vol4(1) , In Print(DOAJ)
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Esmaeilzadeh,M. and F. Kazemzadeh (2011). “The Production of Transgenic Bird expressing β-Galactosidase Based on A Spleen Necrosis Virus Retroviral Vector." Annals of Biological Research 2(6):330-340(ISI)
Esmaeilzadeh,M.,A. Farhadi and F. Kazemzadeh (2011). “Evaluation of Some Anthropometric Parameters in 4-11-Year-Old Boys of Kurmanj Ethnic Origin (North Khorasan, Iran)."  Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 5(12). 3164-3170, 2011 (ISI)
Esmaeilzadeh,M. and A. Farhadi (2011). “Effect of local cold on intensity of pain due to Penicillin Benzathin intramuscular injection." International Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences 3(11): 343-345 (SCOPUS)
Esmaeilzadeh,M. and H.Bagheri (2011). "Effect of different sitting posture on pulmonary function in students." Journal of Physiology and Pathophysiology 2(2): 29-33. (SCOPUS)
Esmaeilzadeh,M.,A. Farhadi and F. Kazemzadeh (2011). “Developmental Biology and Holy Quran."  Journal of Physiology and Pathophysiology vol.1: DOI: 10.5897/JPAP11.023(SCOPUS)
Esmaeilzadeh, M. (2011). "Holy Quran, New Sciences and Development of Human Embryo." WebmedCentral EMBRYOLOGY 2(9): WMC002260.(WEBMED)
Esmaeilzadeh, M., A. Farhadi, et al. (2011). "An Investigation on the impact of ICTs in reproductive health care services in health centers of Shirvan (North khorasan, Iran)." webmedCentral PUBLIC HEALTH 2(9): MC002271. .(WEBMED)
Esmaeilzadeh, M., A. Farhadi, et al.  (2011). “Modeling Age Progression in Young Child Face." journal of Iranian Anatomical Sciences 11: 23-28. (ISC)
Esmaeilzadeh, M. (2010). “Assessment of Facial and Cranial Development in Shirvanian Kurmanj Population Based on the Mean Biometric Factors from Birth to Maturity Age." journal of Iranian Anatomical Sciences 8: 49-58. (ISC)

Esmaeilzadeh, M,Nejadali A (2011). The role of fuzzy biology and mathematical science in research and education in health system International Health Conference (IIUM2011). International Islamic University Malaysia. (International)
Esmaeilzadeh, M. (2011). Review of the Molecular Aspects of Cancer Invasion Focusing on Cross-Talk between the Invaders and the Host 2nd Iranian Medical Genetics Congress. Tehran University of Medical Sciences,Iran. (National)
Esmaeilzadeh, M. (2011). The role of biology and biometric landmark in research and education in health system. the first congress on the role of basic science in helth promotion Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences. Iran (National)
Esmaeilzadeh, M., A. Imani, et al. (2010). Face and Image Processing Using Facial and Cranial Anthropometry and Biometric Landmark 2010 International Conference on Image Processing, Computer Vision, & Pattern Recognition, IPCV 2010, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, CSREA Press 2010, ISBN 1-60132-154-6(International)
Esmaeilzadeh, M. (2010). Application of Anthropometry in detection and diagnosis of genetic diseases and syndromes 4th Annual Iranian Neurogenetics Congress. University of Social Welfare & Rehabilitation Sciences,Iran. (National)
Esmaeilzadeh, M. (2010). Growth and health assessment based on the mean biometric factors and facial & cranial anthropometric indicates The 17rd Iranian Conference on Biomedicine Engendering. Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Iran, IEEE Xplore. (National)
Esmaeilzadeh, M. (2009). Biotechnology of transgenic chicken's production. The 6th National Biotechnology Congress of Iran. Milad Tower Conference Hall, Tehran-Iran. (National)
Esmaeilzadeh, M. (2009). Racial classification using cephalic size and support vector machines. Iranian Conference on Bioinformatics (ICB). Iran(National)
Esmaeilzadeh, M. (2007). Stem cell biology and technology. 8th congress on reproductive biomedicine & 3th congress on stem cell biology and technology. Iran. (International)

Research Project
Esmaeilzadeh, M. (2011). Methods and modern technologies in authentication, Legal medicine organization of Iran. “ Research Project”
Esmaeilzadeh, M. and M. Motamedi (2011). Biology on the Quran, Shirvan Branch , Islamic Azad University “ Research Project”
Esmaeilzadeh, M. and M. Motamedi (2011). Shirvanian Racial Clasification, Shirvan Branch , Islamic Azad University “ Research Project”



What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

Publication peer review in an open and transparent manner and help popularise our concept within their wider circles


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