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Dr. Hui-Shun Lu

Department of Anesthesiology
Womens hospital,Zhejiang University. Hangzhou
No.1 Xue Shi Road, Hangzhou

Brief Biography:

Academic Society and Part-time Job: Associate director of Hangzhou Anesthesiology Academy.  

Standing Committee member of Zhejiang Anesthesiology Academy. Expert Committee member Of Zhejiang Clinical Anesthesia Quality Control Committee.  Head of Zhejiang Gynaecology and Obstetrics Anesthesia Group.

Communications editor of Zhejiang Medical Journal and National Medical Journal of China


Academic positions:

Head of Department of Anesthesiology


Research interests:

Anesthesia in gynaecology and obstetrics

Obstetrical Anesthesia and medicine influence, such as general anesthesia drug compatibility in obstetrics, placental transport of anesthetic drug, anaesthesia management in fetal operation and anesthetic drug influence on neonatus.

chronic pelvic cavity pain research


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