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Dr. Neeraj Jain

Senior Consultant Spine & Pain Specialist
Spine & Pain Clinic
LD 122, Pitampura

Brief Biography:

Senior Consultant Interventional Pain Specialist.
Spine & Pain Clinic, Pitampura, New Delhi-110088. &
Incharge, Pain Clinic, Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute & Action Cancer Hospital, New Delhi.
Incharge Pain Clinic, Sant Parmand Hospital, New Delhi.

Education & Training:-
• M.B.B.S. in 1982 from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi.
• M.D. in 1988 from Delhi University, New Delhi.
• Senior Residency in 1989 from AIIMS New Delhi.
• FIPP (USA) Cleveland Clinic - Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice in 2010.
• Training for pain management at AIIMS & John Hopkins, Baltimore, USA.
• Spine and Pain Centers, New Jersey USA & Baylor Hospital Dallas, Texas, USA. 

Experience & Contributions:-
• Attended & participated actively in many national & international conferences including World congress on pain 2005 at Sydney, Australia, presented a paper “Drill Vertebroplasty: A better approach in traumatic nonosteoporotic vertebral body fractures”.
• Actively participated in “World congress on pain 2008” at Glasgow, UK on August 17-22.
• Presented a paper on “MULTI-PROCEDURE FOR EFFECTIVE PAIN MANAGEMENT” in World congress on pain 2010” on28th August – 2nd September 2010 at MONTREAL,CANADA.
• Delegate at “INTERNATIONAL PAIN SUMMIT 2010” at Montreal, Canada, for “ Montreal Declaration” for Pain Relief is Human Right” A combined effort of IASP (International Association for Study of Pain) and UN Human Right Group.
• Participated & attended “Dannemiller Intensive Pain Review Course 2010” at Chicago from 21-26 August 2010 achieving 54 hours AMA CME credits.
• Anchor as quiz master in National TV program series  “HEALTH QUIZ”
• Had multiple appearances as Expert Pain Management on TV shows like Total TV & DD National on topics like “Migraine: Headache”, “Back Pain” & “Osteoporosis”.
• Radio talk on “Awareness of Pain Effects : Acute vs. Chronic Pain”. On September 26th, 2011.
• Teaching faculty at 1st International cadaver workshop on interventional pain techniques at Lady Harding Medical College organized by ISPRAT. Here I delivered a Title talk: “Complications & management of interventional pain techniques”
• I also got the best paper award at ISSPCON 2005 at Pune on “Vertebroplasty”.
• Delivered a guest lecture at IMA-DNZ Annual conference on January 14, 2007.
• Teaching basic & advance CPBR to various medical & civilian groups.
• Delivered a guest lecture on “Vertebroplasty” at ISSPCON 2007 SGPGI Lucknow annual international conference on 3rd February 2007.
• Delivered a CME talk on “Recent advances in the management of chronic pain & low back pain”
• Presented an orientation talk on “Advanced interventional therapies in spinal disorders” at Balaji Action Medical Institute & in IMA (Bhiwani branch) annual meeting.
• Delivered a talk on “Chronic pain : Newer management strategies” at Roshnara Club DNZ Doctors Meet.
• CME talk on “Ozone Discectomy in PIVD & Sciatica” for West town branch (DMA) on 13th October 2007
• Delivered talk on “ Ozone discectomy & vertebroplasty for low back pain” at DMA Annual 2007 at Ashoka conference.
• Talk on “Cancer pain management: Advanced interventional techniques” in Interventional Pain Management Club meet at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH) New Delhi on 27th October 2007.
• Faculty talk on “Discography in back pain- A new role” at International Pain Conference  by LHMC & Apollo Hospital New Delhi on 15th December 2007
• Talk on “Interventional pain management of  backache” at Golden jubilee scientific meet Maulana Azad Medical College on 20th December 2007
• Talk on “ Advanced interventional management of  cancer pain” at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute (RGCI) on 7th January 2008
• Talk for orthopaedicians on “New perspective in pain management” on 10th January 2008 at Hotel Asia Pacific.
• Talk on “Pain Management for practicing physicians” of north Delhi on , 12th January 2008 at Hotel City Park
• Talk for anesthesiologists of North & West Delhi on “Pain Management : A New Superspeciality” at Asia Pacific on 23rd February 2008
• National web conference 8th March 08 on “Spectrum of Interventional Pain Management”. This was a solo talk of an hour followed by live web-interactive session of another hour.
• Coordinator of many web conferences on pain management
• Delivered a guest lecture at IMA Bareilly on back pain in pregnancy: Preventive & Therapeutic approach in Symposium “Synapse”
• Pain camp & Health Talk at Balaji Action Medical Institute on 25th May 2008
• Delivered a talk on “New Perspective in Pain Management” at Indore on 9th June 2008
• LiveWorkshop on Advanced interventional Management in Spine Pain at Indore on 11th June 2008
• Guest lecture to IMA-DNZ doctors  “What’s new in pain management” on 9th august 2008
• Guest lecture in IMA-MPCON 2008 held at Gwalior  on 11th October, 2008 on Topic “New Perspectives in Pain Management”.
• Delivering  Prime Talks at Annual Meet of Bihar & Jharkhand  Anaesthesiologists in Bokaro on 18-19th October, 2008 “ Back Pain Management- State of the Art” and “Winning Over Cancer Pain”
• Guest lecture in Annual Meerut Medicos Meet 2008 on “ Pain Management Spectrum”
• Guest Lecture in ASICON2008 (Delhi) on 29th November 2008 “Interventional Pain Management: Chronic Pain to Cancer Pain”
• Guest lecture in ANNUAL ISACON 2008 held at Jodhpur on 29th December 2008 “Complications & management of Interventional Pain Techniques”.
• Addressed IMA Bareilly on “Pain Management: From Back Pain to Cancer Pain” on 7th March 2009 followed by press conference covered widely in daily newspapers.
• Held Live Workshop for same conference on 8th March 16, 2009 on Advanced Interventional Pain Procedures
• Delivered a lecture for IMA-Outer West branch conference at Sehgal Hospital on 8th April, 2009.
• Talk at IMA Jaipur “Pain Management: Chronic to Cancer Pain” on 9th October 2009.
• Workshop on Ultrasound guided Regional Anesthesia & Cadaver training for interventional pain techniques in ISACON (UP) 2009 at Bareilly on  6-7th November 2009
• Lecture on “Interventional Pain Management Spectrum”  and panelist in “Cancer Pain Symposium” at ISACON (UP) 2009 at Bareilly.
• Guest lecture at ICA Annual 2009 held by SGRH Delhi topic “ Geriatric Pain Management”  on 22nd November, 2009.
• Delivered guest lectures at ISSPCON ANNUAL 2010 at JABALPUR on “Role of Dorsal Root Ganglion Block in Spine Pain” & “ Vertebroplasty in Primary & Metastatic Spine Pain”
• Chaired a session in International Ozone Conf. on 28th March, 2010.
• Guest lecture on “OZONE TREATMENT IN CHRONIC PAIN” at ISACON ANNUAL (DELHI) 2010 on 4th, April, 2010.
• Guest Speaker at DMA ANNUAL 2010 on Topic: Pain Management: Making the Difference in Patient Care” on 26th December, 2010.  • Panelist at PGI Chandigarh ISSPCON Annual 2011 conference on topic “Managing Back Pain: What is the evidence based Treatment” on 19th February, 2011.
• Talk on “Pain Management for General Practitioners” at IMA West Delhi doctors meet.
• Guest lecture on “Pain Management– Safe Practices” for Pharma meet, New Delhi on July 6th 2011.
• Faculty Talk on “Vertebral Compression Fractures – Management” in International Conference on Interventional Pain Management (ICIPM) 2011, Chennai on September 8th, 2011.
• Faculty Talk on “Drugs for Interventional Pain Management” for FIPP review course with cadaver workshop at ICIPM, Chennai on September 11th, 2011.
• Teaching faculty & Trainer at 3 days cadaver workshop in FIPP Review course & cadaver workshop, Chennai on September 8-11th, 2011.
• Conducted Workshop on Interventional Pain Management at Kochi, on September 29-30, 2011.
• FIPP (USA) at Cleveland Clinic- Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice in 2010 from WIP (World Institute of Pain).
• Run successful PAIN RELIEF CAMP 352/428 patients in 2008 & 2009 respectively at Baraut, UP. 
• Multiple news articles on Pain Management published in print media from time to time.
• On editorial board of national journal of pain medicine “pain”
• Published eight page article in Asian Archives of Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation, July 2005 Issue “Vertebroplasty- A Newer Approach to Management of Vertebral Body Fractures”.
• Published article on “Recent advances in the management of low back pain” in DMA magazine & IMA-Rohini magazine.
• Published article on Ozone Discectomy for Lumbar & Cervical PIVD
• Article as In Focus on “winning over cancer pain” in Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre ( RGCI&RC) magazine.
• Published article “Pain Management- A New Super-specialty
• Appointed as trainer for “Certified advance course for interventional pain management techniques  & their practical application.
• Owning Spine & Pain Clinic at Pitampura, New Delhi.
• Doing advanced pain management by Non Surgical Techniques of Specialized Fluoroscopic/Ultrasound/Nerve Stimulator/CT Guided Percutaneous Interventional Procedures and Diagnostic/Therapeutic/Neurolytic Blocks In Difficult Intractable Cancer Pain & Chronic Pain Syndromes.
• Doing Ozone discectomy & Vertebroplasty with good results
• Founder member of Pain Club Delhi.
• Founder member of Interventional Pain Management Club, India.
• Founder member of Interventional Pain Physicians Society of Delhi.
• Had been a VIP Tour & meeting at the ANS, Advance Neuromodulation Systems at Texas.   

WIP (USA)                                                         
ISSP (INDIA) –life member                             
IMA (DNZ 1060) life member                                      
DMC (14189)                                                   
MAMCOS- life member
MCI (4611)                                                      
NACCM- life member
ISPRAT- life member
ISA (N-0290) life member
Spine & pain Clinic: RU-23 Pitampura, New Delhi, 110088, India.                   
Residence: LD-122 Pitampura, NewDelhi-110088, India.
Telephone: 98100 33800 (Mobile)                        
011-27341685 (Clinic)
011-42683111 (Clinic)
011-45666666, 42888888 (Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute)
011-49222222 (Action Cancer Hospital)
011-23994401-10 (Sant Parmand Hospital)
01244616300 (Doctor Kares Hospital, Gurgaon)
011-46704670 (Doctor Kares Hospital, Vasant Vihar)


Research interests:

Clinical Interests
.Doing advanced pain management by Non Surgical Techniques of Specialized
Fluoroscopic/Ultrasound/Nerve Stimulator/CT Guided Percutaneous Interventional Procedures and Diagnostic/Therapeutic/Neurolytic Blocks
In Difficult Intractable Cancer Pain & Chronic Pain Syndromes.
.Doing Ozone discectomy & Vertebroplasty with good results


Any other information:

Facilities Available
Interventional pain specialist in delhi india offers CT - guided / Ultrasound guided / Fluoroscope guided BACK PAIN & leg pain (SCIATICA) treatments including epidural steroids & OZONE injections both interlaminar & transforaminal /caudal epidural for LOW BACK PAIN , SCIATICA , Spine pain (SPONDYLITIS) & radiating radiculopathy pain or SCIATICA. Facet JOINT intrarticular & pericapsular medications including OZONE for low back pain due to its osteoarthritis / spine arthritis / SPONDYLITIS . Selective nerve root blocks of lumbar ( SCIATICA ) & cervical radiculopathy. Spine facet denervation or median branch neurotomy for low back pain/ lumbago. provocative discography for DISC DISEASES or disc problems / sciatica followed by best needed intra-discal therapy for slip disc/ prolapse disc ( PIVD) / disc hernia / degenerated disc or rupture disc including disc decompression / disc nucleoplasty / laser disc vaporisation / OZONE discectomy or ozonucleolysis / disc dekompressor debulking . Sacroiliac joint injection. Somatic nerve blocks. Vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty for OSTEOPOROSIS SPINE FRACTURE with BACK PAIN. Knee, elbow, wrist, tendonitis ( tendon inflamation ), RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS injection treatment. management of herpes, trigeminal neuralgia & neuropathy of diabetes. Care for low back pain, NECK pain, Whiplash injury, SCIATICA ,leg pain, cramps knee pain , arm, shoulder pain ,bone pains of various aetiology & migraine & tension or cervicogenic HEADACHE ,abdomen pain /chest/interactable angina /trunk pains. SEX related pain , CANCER related pain treatment eg,celiac plexus block/ splanchnic neurolysis/ superior hypogastric plexus block/ intrathecal neurolysis/ brachial neurolysis, blocks for breast cancer& prostrate cancer / lung cancer / g.i. cancer / pelvic cancers, pituitary ablation for hormone dependent cancers. Sympathetic blocks for dystrophy (CRPS-complex regional pain syndromes 1&2)or vascular pains & hyperhidrosis also called as WET HANDS, TPI treatment for healing of muscle & body pain , fibromyalgia treatment ,for all kinds of NERVE PAIN or neuropathy , treatment of diabetes neuropathy , central or peripheral pain treatments. treatment of Acute or chronic pain syndromes. spinal implants (intrathecal pumps & spinal cord stimulation leads implants ) for non responding pains , interactable pains , CANCER pains & FBSS (failed back surgery syndrome). comprehensive therapy for CERVICAL SPONDYLITIS OR LUMBAR SPONDYLOSIS & spinal canal / nerve root canal stenosis. chemical neurolysis & BOTOX injection treatment for spastic muscle diseases like spastic spinal / cerebral palsy & BOTOX chemodenervation for hyperhidrosis.


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