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Dr. Nehal Mehta

Inflammatory Risk, Preventive Cardiology
6 Penn Tower

Brief Biography:

My clinical expertise is in Preventive Cardiology, Nuclear Cardiology and General Cardiology. I am the director of the Inflammatory Risk Program which specializes in the preventive cardiometabolic care of patients with psoriasis. Our multidisciplinary approach is the first of its kind and has >200 active patients. I also interpret exercise nuclear tests , as well as serve on the consult service and Coronary Care Unit service.


Academic positions:

I am the director of the Cardiology Advanced Practitioner service physician staffing which oversees >150 MDs working within general cardiology, electrophysiology and critical care medicine. Furthermore, I have two current national organizational leadership positions within the American Heart Association: Chair, Council of Epidemiology and Prevention, Early Career Committee and Co-Chair, Council of Functional Genomics and Tranlsation Biology, Early Career Committee.


Research interests:

My research program focuses on the role of innate immunity, inflammation and human genomics in subclinical atherosclerosis. I have a particular interest in human genomics, in vivo inflammation and accelerated atherosclerosis. Our trans-disciplinary approach involves genetic epidemiology, cardiovascular radiology and translational medicine, all of which I have advanced training within to understand the role of cellular phenotypes, lipoproteins and common genetic variation on vascular inflammation. Our research program has advanced understanding of the epidemiological association between psoriasis and cardiometabolic diseases, as well as the first to demonstrate in vivo vascular inflammation in severe psoriasis utilizing novel imaging techniques.


Any other information:

I have experience in medical media and have been featured on ABC News, MSNBC News, several magazines including Men's Health, Fitness as well as newspapers both local and national. Most of the commentary focus on emerging studies on factors of risk for vascular and metabolic diseases, as well as epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases in general.


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

I think it is a good effort and great idea.


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